Change the country of the prince of football! Extreme right-wing ‘crazy’ in power

Change the country of the prince of football! Extreme right-wing ‘crazy’ in power
Change the country of the prince of football! Extreme right-wing ‘crazy’ in power

News Daily Digital Desk: Political change in the country of Messi-Maradona. Argentina’s president is a one-time politician, Ancora Javier Mille. In the field of politics, he is known as an extreme right winger. He came to remove the left wing in the country’s dire straits. There is no end of controversy in Argentina about Miley even as the president. From there he became known as El Loco in politics. ‘Crazy’ Miley has promised to shut down the central bank to cut spending and also to shut down the Ministry of Women, Child Welfare. Although these were said during the election campaign. All these promises of his made a storm in the domestic politics. It is the same in the President’s Bill by the people’s vote.

Argentina is the second largest economy in South America. The blue-white country is also far ahead in terms of health services, plastic surgery. But for the past few years, the country’s economy has been collapsing. Inflation has touched 143 percent. 40 percent of the country’s people have gone below the poverty line. In such a difficult situation, the ‘crazy’ Miley started to dream one another. And because of that dream, 56 percent of Argentines voted for Trump-Bolsonaro ‘friend’. And his left-wing rival Sergio Massa got 44 percent of the votes. Former US President Donald Trump congratulated him after the victory. Wrote, ‘Make Argentina the best again.’ Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also offered his best wishes, saying, “The light of hope will shine again in South America.”

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Miley had practically stormed the campaign. He was full of promises. He said, if power is seized, the country’s currency will be removed from the peso and the national currency will be the US dollar. The central bank will be dissolved. His government will use scissors in the administration to reduce the government expenditure. He also promised to close ministries like culture, health, education and women’s welfare. In addition, Milley has promised to relax gun laws, legalize the trade in human organs, and outlaw abortion. Seeing that his political rivals taunt Miley as ‘crazy’. Time will tell how safe Messi’s country is in the hands of such a controversial character.

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