25 rockets and 3 suicide drone attacks by Hezbollah in Israel

25 rockets and 3 suicide drone attacks by Hezbollah in Israel
25 rockets and 3 suicide drone attacks by Hezbollah in Israel

A field hospital in Gaza was opened on Monday (November 20) with the help of 170 health workers sent by Jordan, Palestinian officials told NDTV.

Incidentally, Gaza’s health care system has collapsed due to heavy bombardment and acute shortages of fuel and medical supplies, and most hospitals are no longer functioning.

According to the Hamas-ruled government of the Palestinian territories, there are about 30,000 wounded people across Gaza. According to their calculations, the death toll has exceeded 13,000, most of them civilians.

“A field hospital has been established in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza, to treat the wounded and sick,” said Mohammad Zakout, director general of Gaza Hospital.

He said, ‘The hospitals in the area are facing a disastrous situation. “Hundreds of wounded are arriving every day from constant offensive air and artillery attacks.”

He also said, ‘We cannot accept those pregnant women who have to give birth through caesarean section.’

Meanwhile, Israel released a video on Sunday (November 19) of Hamas members entering Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital to shake the necks of foreign hostages.

According to the BBC, Israel claims that the picture was caught in the security camera footage of al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza City.

Incidentally, Hamas attacked the territory of Israel on October 7. They captured many Israeli citizens and took them as hostages to Gaza. Foreigners in Israel were also imprisoned.

Israel claims that the two hostages seen in the Al-Shifa Hospital footage are citizens of Nepal and Thailand. It is unknown where and how those foreign nationals are currently.

Israel claimed that its forces attacked the largest hospital in Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu’s army claims that Hamas made the hospital a shield. They have their base there. Israel claims that the members of this Palestinian armed organization dug a tunnel under the hospital.

A video released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on their X handle on Sunday showed four men carrying a man into a hospital after being beaten up. All of them have firearms. That person is wearing half pants. He was picked up in his home clothes.

Apart from this, another person was taken to the hospital on a stretcher with serious injuries.

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