The two killers have confessed how Sharshar killed Suman

The two killers have confessed how Sharshar killed Suman
The two killers have confessed how Sharshar killed Suman

Yanur Rahman: Chief accused of killing the bearer after robbing the gold
The DB has arrested three persons including accused Benapole municipal councilor Kamal
the police After the arrest, a team of DB police brought Israfil and Ejaz Mahmud to Benapole to see how the gold-carrying Suman was killed and the questioning came out as to how they killed him. However, despite rumors that Kamal Hossain, the main hero of the murder case, has been arrested, he has not been brought to Benapole.

Those two killers who were arrested from Dhaka showed up in a building of Sahabuddin Goldar of Port police station at 3:30 on Monday, they killed them by beating them with an iron rod and knocking them with a hammer on the orders of Kamal. At that time, DB Police officials recovered the iron rod and the rope shown to them from the eaves of the 4th floor roof. Israfil said two men named Hussain and Rabbi with them tortured Sumon by pulling nails and different parts of the body with iron rods and pliers. At one point, Suman screamed. When I give him water, he cannot drink. Read after the bed
Then death took place. Israfil said how the body was brought down, the rabbi held Hossein’s leg by his neck and I went to the car and pushed him inside the car. At that time, he said, I was shaking my head with fear. When asked by DB SI Murad Hossain what Kamal was doing, Israfil said he was also beating Suman with us.

District Intelligence Agency SI Murad Hossain said, wait to see the surprise.

It is to be noted that on November 11, Omar Farooq Sumon, son of Osman of Tengrali village in Sharsha, was brought to Benapole and tortured to death on the charge of embezzlement of gold.
However, rumors have arisen from Omar Farooq about Councilor Kamal’s entourage
Killing him by robbing him of gold.#

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