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Armed Forces Day is today

Armed Forces Day is today
Armed Forces Day is today

Armed Forces Day is today Tuesday. The day is being celebrated with due dignity and enthusiasm. The program of the day will begin by wishing for the welfare and prosperity of the country and the future progress and progress of the armed forces. On the occasion of the day, the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Sahabuddin and Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages.

President Md. Sahabuddin said in his speech, ‘The government has formulated “Forces Goal 2030” to modernize the armed forces. Under this, modern military equipment is being added to the armed forces, which will undoubtedly make the armed forces more modern, efficient and dynamic. Deep trust in leadership, mutual trust, respect, professionalism and above all discipline are very important in the development of armed forces.’ On the occasion of Armed Forces Day-2023, the President extended his sincere greetings and congratulations to all the members of the Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in her speech that the armed forces have become a symbol of the nation’s confidence. In addition to performing professional duties, the armed forces are involved in disaster response, infrastructure construction, humanitarian services, assistance to civil administration and various nation-building activities. The members of the armed forces are shining the image of the country in the international arena by performing their duties with devotion in the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

The Inter-Services Public Relations Department (ISPR) said that the President and the Prime Minister will lay wreaths at Dhaka Cantonment in the morning to honor the memory of the members of the armed forces who sacrificed their lives in the Great War of Independence in 1971. After that, the Chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force will lay wreaths on behalf of their respective forces. The Prime Minister’s Security Adviser and the three service chiefs will pay a courtesy call on the Prime Minister at the Armed Forces Department and the President at the Banga Bhavan.

According to an ISPR circular, on the occasion of ‘Armed Forces Day-2023’, the Prime Minister will felicitate the heirs of Bir Shrestha and a select number of decorated freedom fighters and their heirs at the Army Multipurpose Complex of Dhaka Cantonment. During this time, he will award 5 Army, 3 Navy and 3 Air Force members with peacetime medals for the year 2022-23.

A reception ceremony has been organized at Senakunj of Dhaka Cantonment around 4 pm. It will be attended by, among others, Chief Justice, former President, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, former Chief Adviser, Ministers and Ministerial Ministers, Ministers of State and Ministerial Ministers, Deputy Speaker, Foreign Ambassadors to Bangladesh, Heads of International Organizations, Chief Electoral Officers. Commissioner and Election Commissioner, Justice, Cabinet Secretary, Chief Secretary, Member of Parliament (Dhaka area), former military officer, former Chief of Army Staff, 2023 Sports, Cultural, Freedom Award and Ekushey Medalists, Journalists and Educationists.

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