Threats to kill Shamim Osman


AKM Shamim Osman, Member of Parliament of Narayanganj-4 Constituency said that death threats have been received over the phone. He said, ‘Yesterday night, an unknown number called me and told me that your death is coming.’ He said these things while participating in the peace march of Thana Awami League in Panchbati area of ​​Fatulla in Narayanganj on Monday (November 20) afternoon.

Shamim Osman said about the death threats, ‘whose death threat? Don’t show us the fear of death. On June 16, 20 people died in a bomb blast in Narayanganj. I survived that day. I think I died that day. Fear death to those who follow the wrong path. To those who threaten us, we want to say that we did not get our freedom by begging for anyone’s mercy. A lot has to be sacrificed to get it. Our forefathers fought and brought freedom to this country. Their next generation scare us to death? We who are coming to politics after August 15, 1975, we are prepared to kill death. Do not show us the fear of that death.’

He said, ‘They have put paws on our map. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a woman stronger than the Himalayas. He did not bow down to anyone but Allah, never will. There will be more to come. But no matter how much adversity comes, we can overcome it.’

Stating that the people rejected the strike, Shamim Osman said, ‘From 2001 to 2006, they killed 17 of our people in Narayanganj. But we didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t hurt anyone. I will not hurt anyone. Today, people do not accept strikes. We are in the field and we will be in the field till the election. We are sure of victory. Elections will be held on the 7th and in that election Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the Father of the Nation, will once again become the Prime Minister.

The procession went from Panchbati to Pagla via the old Dhaka-Narayanganj road. Thousands of activists and supporters participated in the peace march led by Member of Parliament Shamim Osman.

Also present at this time were – Chairman of Zilla Parishad and Senior Vice President of Metropolitan Awami League Chandan Sheel, General Secretary of Metropolitan Awami League Khokon Saha, Joint General Secretary Shah Nizam etc.

The article is in Bengali

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