‘Give back my son and take the body away’

‘Give back my son and take the body away’
‘Give back my son and take the body away’

‘If the body is not my Hilton, where is the body of my son? Give me my son’s body. Then take the body away.’ This is how Hilton’s mother Veethika Nath was lamenting while picking up the body of businessman Mahe Alam, who was buried as Hilton Nath.

The body was picked up from Chila village in Mongla as per the pre-arranged time today, Monday at 11 am. Mongla Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) was present at this time. Locals including Habibur Rahman, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mushfiqur Rahman Tushar, Mongla Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mohammad Samsuddin.

At that time Veethika Nath was sitting in the corner of the room crying. Addressing the government officials, he said, ‘For so long I have thought that my son is on my lap. What will I do now? My father is… You give it to my father.’

Police, family and locals say that Hilton Nath (20), a fisherman of Chila village, went fishing in the Sundarbans on April 7 this year. Since then he has been missing. A few days later, on April 13, a semi-decomposed body was found in Karamjal area of ​​Sundarbans. Hilton Nath’s mother Beethika Nath came to know that her son’s body was found through locals. Later, in view of his demand, Khulna’s Dakop police station handed over the body to Beethika Nath on April 14.

Hilton Nath’s house is in Chila village of Mongla upazila of Bagerhat. According to the Christian custom, mother Veethika Nath brought the body home and buried it thinking it was Hilton.

However, the subsequent DNA test report revealed that the body buried as Hilton belonged to Mahe Alam, a businessman from Mongla town. He was also missing since April 10. Later, in view of his son’s claim, the court ordered that the body be removed from the grave and handed over to Mahe Alam’s family. Accordingly, Mahe Alam’s body buried at Hilton Nath’s house was exhumed today on Monday.

Meanwhile, Veethika Nath claimed that Hilton Nath was killed by forest department personnel and said, ‘My son is a fake Dharti Gayle. The foresters killed me that day when I caught the trap. Marli fell into the Ganges (river). My son’s body was locked up in the forest office. I don’t know what the foresters are doing. Later I found this body in Karamjal.’

He also said, ‘Bellal of our area, Belayet Janati Pyre and then brought to Karamjal. I buried him as my son. No one told me when I brought the body. I stayed with the body all night. The court ruled that this body belongs to Mahe Alam. Tali my son gave the body to the law.’

The body of businessman Mahe Alam, who was buried as Hilton Nath, was exhumed on Monday. Photo: Today's Newspaper Meanwhile, about the complaint of Hilton Nath’s mother, Mahabub Hasan, Assistant Forest Conservator of East Sundarban Forest Division told Ajker Patrika, ‘Is it possible to kill one person and take the other three to court? They will tell the court. They are lying at someone’s instigation.’

Mahabub Hasan claimed that he launched an operation against pirates and other illegal activities in the forest. As a result, one side conspired and tried to remove him from Chandpai. They are the ones who arranged this incident.

However, he did not want to reveal who they were. After this incident, he was transferred from Chandpai range office in Sundarbans to Sarankhola range.

Assistant Commissioner (Land) in this regard. Habibur Rahman told Ajker newspaper, ‘It has been confirmed through DNA test that the body is not Hilton’s, but Mahe Alam’s. As per the directions of the court, we have picked up the body and handed it over to his children.’

When asked about Hilton, he said, ‘Initially it was assumed that it was Hilton Nath’s body, so his family tried to get some consolation. Now that it has been confirmed that it is Mahe Alam’s body, we are not sure if Hilton is dead or alive. Khulna PBI is investigating the matter. alive or dead; Law enforcement is trying to find out what condition Hilton is in.’

According to the case sources, two separate cases were filed in Khulna’s Dakop police station regarding Hilton Nath’s murder and in Bagerhat’s Mongla police station regarding Mahe Alam’s disappearance. Which is now under investigation.

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