Islami Bank’s money scammer, who is the ‘Mamu’ who is the international Hundi emperor in the discussion

Islami Bank’s money scammer, who is the ‘Mamu’ who is the international Hundi emperor in the discussion
Islami Bank’s money scammer, who is the ‘Mamu’ who is the international Hundi emperor in the discussion

Three officials of Islami Bank Teknaf branch are in jail in connection with the embezzlement of Tk 65 lakh from customers. Based on specific allegations of embezzlement, the manager himself filed the complaint. Although three officers were arrested in this incident, the manager of the bank gave different information by hiding the matter to the media. The name of an international hundi dealer known as ‘Mamu’ of the hundi empire came up along with the embezzled funds in the investigation of such mysterious behavior of the manager.

The arrested officers are – Islami Bank Teknaf branch officer Iman Hossain. He is the son of Karda Mia of Damdamia area of ​​Hrilah union of the upazila. Junior officers Aziz Ahmed Javed and Mohammad Shahedul Islam. Among them, Aziz is the son of Mir Ahmad of Uzirpur area of ​​UP’s Patia Jangalkhain of Chattogram and the other is the son of Sheikh Aminul Haque of Charkanai area of ​​Patia Jabilach Dwip Union.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Teknaf Model Police Station Mohammad Osman Gani said that last Wednesday (November 15) 3 accused were arrested and sent to court. The learned Judge of the Senior Judicial Magistrate Teknaf Court sent them to jail. The statement filed by the bank manager is being forwarded to the Deputy Director of Cox’s Bazar Integrated District Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for taking further legal action.

ACC Cox’s Bazar Deputy Director Monirul Islam confirmed the truth of the incident and said permission has been applied to the ACC head office to take legal action. If I get permission, I will start the process in this regard.

Islami Bank Teknaf branch manager Muhammad Altaf Hossain denied the embezzlement of the customer’s money and told Barta Bazar that the detained officers broke the bank’s rules and got involved in various businesses. Which is against bank rules. So I filed a complaint against them at the police station, based on that complaint the police arrested three people.

Meanwhile, the bank manager denied the incident but according to the information obtained from the statement filed by him at the police station, on November 6 and November 12, two customers verbally complained about discrepancies in their account status at the Islami Bank Teknaf branch. Based on the oral complaint, it was found that the bank officials Iman Hossain, Aziz Ahmed and Jabed fraudulently issued customer check books using their bank-issued IDs and using the said checks to cash and transfer accounts of various customers. Withdraw money illegally. Transfer the money to various customers related to them. The deposited money was later withdrawn and embezzled.

The manager found evidence of unauthorized withdrawal of a total of Tk 58 lakh 35 thousand from various customer accounts. After confirmation of the matter, the manager quickly arranges an audit through the Regional Head.

Later, the accused Iman Hossain confessed to embezzling a total of Tk 65 lakh in the same manner in his written statement. In the speech, he said that he himself took Tk 30 lakhs, Aziz Ahmed Javed Tk 30 lakhs and Mohammad Shahedul Islam Tk 5 lakhs through mutual connivance.

Meanwhile, the accused Iman Hossain admitted embezzlement of Tk 65 lakh, but the manager has so far found evidence of unauthorized withdrawal of Tk 58 lakh 35 thousand. According to the instructions of the head office of the bank, the manager suspended the accused 3 officers from their jobs.

In this sensational incident, the bank manager gave false information to the media and in search of various excuses, different information came out in conversation with various customers of the bank. According to them, if a common customer lost so much money, the customer himself would have disclosed it by now. But the bank has not yet disclosed the name of the victimized customer in this incident, no customer has claimed the money as his. Even in the complaint filed with the police station, no customer information has been mentioned. Informed circles believe that the Hundi Chakra is involved in the matter.

However, after this scam of Islami Bank, the name of a person named Yashin alias Rahim alias Mamu is spreading on everyone’s lips. Propaganda is the owner of the missing money, the international hundi emperor Yashin.

Who is this?

Locals said that Yachin, son of Nur Hossain of Jaliya Para area of ​​Teknaf municipality, once went to Panta Fura to fetch salt. He is known to locals as one of the ringleaders of money laundering in Myanmar, centered on cross-border drug and human trafficking. Yashin, who once started as an employee of international hundi king TT Zafar, became a millionaire in a short span of time. Over the years, TT separated from Zafar and formed the Hundi syndicate on his own. Within a short span of time, he was known as Rahim and Mamu in the international Hundi empire.

Locals also said that Yashin was arrested during the anti-drug operation during the former OC Pradeep of Teknaf police station. He was sent to court for almost half a crore rupees to escape the alleged crossfire. Another Yashin of Lamar Bazar area was killed in alleged crossfire due to the similarity of his name.

Eyewitness several bank customers said that Islami Bank Teknaf branch had free movement. He is almost seen inside the cash counter of the bank during the working hours of the bank. He used to transact millions of rupees every day. They said that it will come out after checking the CCTV footage.

Accused Yachin was contacted on his mobile phone but his statement was not known due to no connection.

After this incident, several conscious citizens including a local journalist mentioned the names of Korban Ali and Barmaya Mustafa, who are involved with the syndicate, on their own Facebook.

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