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What’s in Tanjin Tisha’s 9-minute audio?

What’s in Tanjin Tisha’s 9-minute audio?
What’s in Tanjin Tisha’s 9-minute audio?

Popular actress Tanjin Tisha was in hot discussion about being admitted to the hospital, after returning from the hospital the next day, status on Facebook, live at night. At the same time, the love relationship with actors Mushfiq and Farhan also came into the center of discussion. The next day, the actress created new criticism by threatening the journalist. Although he apologized in a Facebook post. He later deleted that post.

These intense discussions stopped. But after a day’s break, Tisha came to the center of discussion again on Sunday midnight. Now an old audio clip of the actress has spread online. The audio was of Habib Wahid’s ex-wife Rehan Chowdhury’s conversation.

It can be heard in the audio, Tisha says to Rehan, is Habib your there? Rehan said, I will not say anything. Tisha says, I know your Habib is there, do you want to get back again? Rehan said, I don’t know. Tisha said, if you want to be together again, tell me, why is he doing this to me?

Similar questions and answers were coming up again and again in the conversation. Under Tisha’s pressure, Rehan said, yes, he is coming, he went to the toilet. He spends a lot of time in the toilet. Rehan at one point convinces Tisha that you are unmarried and you don’t have children. You will get a good boy, how many people are crazy about you, you are beautiful But who will take me? No one will take me including the child. I am trapped.

About 9 minutes of audio kept repeating the same words. The essence of which is that Habib was involved in a relationship with Tisha. But Habib used to meet Rehan who was in separation. At one point, Tisha realized and called Rehan.

From the conversation, it is understood that Rehan has not separated with Habib yet. When this audio went viral on Sunday midnight, various reactions were generated on social media

The article is in Bengali

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