A pet dog guarded the mountaineer’s body in the deep forest for 2 months

A pet dog guarded the mountaineer’s body in the deep forest for 2 months
A pet dog guarded the mountaineer’s body in the deep forest for 2 months

Mountain climber Rich Moore and his pet dog. Photo: CollectedLast August, Rich Moore, a resident of Colorado, died while hiking. But his pet dog miraculously survived. Not only that, but the dog was also found at the scene when Moore’s body was recovered last month, two months after his death. The animal guarded the owner’s body for two consecutive months.

According to a Sky News report on Tuesday, 71-year-old Rich Moore went hiking in the Rocky Mountain region last August. On August 19, he was climbing a 12,500 feet high mountain. But after that he never came back home. It was not possible to communicate with him.

In this situation, the rescue workers started looking for Moore with a helicopter. They searched the wooded area around the hill where Moore’s car was found. After almost 2,000 hours of searching, no trace of Moore was found.

Moore’s body was finally spotted by a hunter more than two months later. Moore’s pet British Jack Russell dog is seen sitting next to it. The dog lived in the wild for more than two months. Not only that, but during this period he did not go anywhere leaving his master’s body.

The incident has shocked many. Many on social media offered condolences to Moore’s family and called his dog a hero.

One wrote on Facebook, ‘Very sad. But the cutest thing so far is that little Jack Russell has been by Moore’s side for weeks. Tragedy often reminds us of man and his best friend.’

Another wrote, ‘So sad the man is dead. But I’m happy to think that his dog has always been by his side.’

Examination of Moore’s remains confirmed that he was wearing a hooded, full-sleeved woolen shirt at the time of his death. However, investigators have not yet come to a conclusion on how he died.

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