There is no objection to the dialogue, but with whom is the question of the foreign minister

There is no objection to the dialogue, but with whom is the question of the foreign minister
There is no objection to the dialogue, but with whom is the question of the foreign minister

The government has no objection to dialogue with political parties. However, the foreign minister commented that there is a question about who will dialogue with. AK Abdul Momen. However, if a friendly country gives any suggestion, the government will evaluate it, he said.

The foreign minister said these things in response to a question from journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

When asked to know the government’s position on the letter of the United States calling for unconditional dialogue between political parties ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections. Momen said, we have no objection to dialogue. We do not want to destroy democracy. We will do whatever is necessary to promote democracy. If there is a need for dialogue, we will do that. But with whom to do it, there is a matter of consideration, there is a question about that.

Highlighting Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s statement regarding the dialogue, the Foreign Minister said that the Prime Minister said that if Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden hold a dialogue, I also agree.

He said that if the friendly countries give any good advice, the government takes it into account, and they are giving their opinion. We don’t mind it. If our friendly country gives us any advice, we don’t have it very well. We appreciate that. If it is good for the country then we accept it.

The foreign minister said, such suggestions come a lot. come on we see It remains to be seen whether the suggestions that come up can be implemented. Reality should be seen. As for the Digital Security Act, foreigners have said, we have accepted it. We are a very pragmatic country. Very pragmatic government. We try to accept people’s genuine complaints.

He said, if other countries give any suggestions and if they are of good quality, we accept them. Now if someone asks the workers to pay 25 thousand. If you want to do this, you have to see whether the owner can run the factory or not, whether he can make a profit or not.

The three political parties of the country wrote a letter to the United States took the initiative to reconcile or not – answer Dr. Momen said, asked them. Ask them why they did it. They can give good answers. Awami League has created a democratic system in the country. Awami League wants to sustain democracy.

When asked about the recent letter of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk for the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia for better treatment, the foreign minister said, he (Volker Turk) called a prisoner in his country, a criminal; Do you send convicted criminals to other countries?

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