The price of 1 kg of tea is 16 crore rupees


Lifestyle Desk: Although we have an idea about different types of tea, very few of us know about the golden colored tea with gold plating. The tea, served in a clear cup, takes on a golden hue, with edible gold plating floating on top. Keeping in mind the national anthem of Bangladesh, this tea is named ‘Golden Bengal or Sonar Bangla’. The tea producing company ‘London Tea Exchange’.

The price of Golden Bengal tea produced in Sylhet, Bangladesh is estimated at 16 crore rupees per kg. It sounds like a story but it is absolutely true. It’s quite surprising.

This tea named ‘The Golden Bengal’ is supposed to be available in the market in May this year, but it has not yet arrived in the market. The tea producing company has fixed the price of 14 lakh pounds per kg of tea. In terms of Bangladeshi taka, which is about 16 and a half million taka.

Made with great care in the tea gardens of Bangladesh and gold-plated, this golden tea is going to be the most expensive tea in the world – that’s what its producers are claiming.

In the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, this tea has been cultivated very secretly following special methods for the past few years. Skilled and trained foreign workers work in making this tea. No machine assistance was taken throughout the process. This tea is made from only two golden leaves of the tea plant.

It is known that this tea is of black tea type but it turns golden when served in a transparent cup. It takes about four and a half years to prepare this tea produced in a special process. However, in these four and a half years, it has been possible to produce only 1 kg of golden tea from 900 kg of tea. 24 carat gold plating is added to the tea leaves. Which is edible.

In February this year, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen had a taste of the Golden Bengal.

The organization said that this tea is being cultivated secretly in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh for the last few years under the supervision of the London-based organization. However, the researchers of tea industry in Bangladesh said that although it has been said for a long time about the cultivation of such expensive tea in Bangladesh, they do not have any information about this type of tea.

Oliur Rahman, chief executive officer of London Tea Exchange, said that this tea has been prepared following a special method. Skilled and trained foreign workers worked with great care to prepare this tea. No machine assistance was taken in the entire process. Basically this tea is made from only two golden leaves of the tea plant.

He also said that sometimes many trees do not have golden leaves. Sometimes one has to wait for a long time to get this golden leaf. After waiting for a long time, I started collecting these tea leaves slowly through trained workers. It is then converted into tea through a special process. Mix it with gold flakes or gold powder at one point.

The London-based company collects and sells various expensive brands of tea from around the world. Company officials claim that they supply tea to several royal families around the world. However, this is the first time they are producing tea under their own supervision. Apart from this, the price of this tea is so high due to production, special care and processing, use of specially trained manpower.

However, a few years ago, a BBC report revealed that a special variety of ‘black tea’ tea was collected from the young golden leaves, and heated with metal to extract sweat from the leaves. When it dries again, the leaves turn golden. And the tea made from these leaves is golden in color.

However, the exact process by which Sonar Bengal tea is made is not known. Talking to several tea companies in Bangladesh, no information was found about this tea.

Among the varieties of tea, white tea is considered as expensive tea in the world till now. However, white tea cultivation is not very common in Bangladesh. Black tea is cultivated in almost all the tea gardens of Bangladesh. Apart from this, green tea, instant tea, oolong tea are being cultivated to some extent.

Meanwhile, commercial tea production in British-Indian Bangladesh began in 1854 through the Malnichhara tea plantation in Sylhet.

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According to the Bangladesh Tea Board, in 2021, a record 9.5 million 6 thousand kg of tea was produced from 167 tea gardens in Bangladesh. Most of these teas are sold in the domestic market. In the same year only 3 lakh 13 thousand kg of tea was exported. The largest export was to the United Arab Emirates, 180 thousand kg of tea. After that, more exports were made to the United States and Pakistan.

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