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The story behind the film ‘Satya Mrita Nei’


Famous film director Chhatku Ahmed produced the film ‘Satyaer Mruthi Nei’ with the famous hero Salman Shah, the son of Dhakai film. The hugely popular film was released on September 13, 1996, the week after Salman’s death. Some of the behind-the-scenes behind the making of this popular film has been highlighted by the director- Alauddin Majid

I was surprised to hear Shabana’s words

‘Satye Mritya Nei’ is a very popular movie of famous filmmaker Chhatku Ahmed. While reminiscing about the shooting of the film, the maker of this film said that it was the first day of shooting. Dropped the prison set on the 1st floor of FDC. Where Salman’s superhit song ‘Chithi Elo Jelkhanay’ was filmed. The last scene of Salman’s last farewell before his hanging with mother Shabana will be shot. Mother Shabana comes to jail to see her hanged son Salman, and the son is holding his mother’s feet and crying saying, Mother, caress me a little, mother, caress me a little. The first day of shooting, so the excitement is a bit high. Lights, sets arranged since morning I finished everything. The co-artists come at 4 o’clock dressed as prisoners, make-up and ready. Crew lightman cameraman assistant all ready. I told cameraman Shahidullah Dulal (National Film Award winner), let’s start shooting. Dulal was surprised, he said the artist has not come yet, who will shoot? I said I will take shots of the prisoners. Prisoners are crying after hearing Salman’s song. Reaction shot of inmates during son’s dialogue with mother. Dulal got annoyed and said Shabana, Salman, Alamgir, Rajeev, Misha Saudagar, Shahnaz will shoot a new film. All the big artists in your film, why do you open the shot with prisoners? You sit, have tea, Shabana will come and open the camera with a close-up of her beautiful face. Everyone supported Dulal. I said no, I will open with a shot of the prisoner. When Shabana and Salman come, I will be busy with their shooting. Dulal is a very arrogant boy. He agreed to take the shot while humming with pride. Lights on, cameras set up. The prisoners are ready to give the shot. I will say action. The assistant came and said, Shaban madam has arrived. Shabana came to the set with makeup before the talk ended. He said I am ready. Dulal immediately took the opportunity and said with a smile, I said Shabana madam will come on time. He saw that he had come. Let’s start with his shot. I said to Shabana, ok you sit in the makeup room, I will call the lights of your shot. Shabana said, no no take the shot you have prepared. Don’t think about me. I am here to stay for the entire shift of your schedule. Call when needed. Shabana went to the makeup room. I was surprised to hear Shabana’s words. Shabana was a totally exceptional artist. So with so much care I was able to finish the film ‘Satya no die’.

Director Chatku Ahmed is explaining the scene to Salman

Salman jumps out of line with Shahnaz

Failing to get Salman’s love, Shahnaz will run across the railway tracks and commit suicide under the train. Salman will go to call him to stop. The train will run. At the extreme moment of the accident, Salman jumps to save Shahnaz and says I love you. Shahnaz will embrace Khushi. The scene is almost like this. Production Manager Salim (later producer of My Lie Death). Always thought of saving my expenses. My other manager Rauf also wanted to save my money. Which is rarely seen in today’s managers. Come on, Salim said there is no shot inside the train, only passing shots. There is no benefit in spending money on train hire. There is a railway line on Airport Road towards Kaula, through which trains come and go from Dhaka and Tongi. Take a shot at that time. The word was taken care of. I went with the full unit along with Salman-Shahnaz between Khilkhet and Kaula. I sat on the railway line. The train comes, there is no shot, the train leaves, I sit. Salman entertains with funny and funny stories. It was time for lunch. The production manager served breakfast to everyone. Asking the assistant to keep an eye on the coming train, we continued to eat breakfast sitting on the train line. Eating comfortably. Suddenly the assistant said like Bersik, brother train is coming. Everyone finished eating and got ready to take a quick shot. Shahnaz stood on the railway line, Salman a little behind. I said camera. The shot started. The train is coming towards Shahnaz and Salman. Shahnaz runs towards the train, Salman tries to stop her. Saying I love you. Shahnaz stopped, turned to Salman. The train is coming fast behind. The moment the accident happens, Salman jumps and moves away from the line with Shahnaz. The train line shuddered. All our food and drinks spilled. I came back with a shot from the joint.

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