Despite repeated demands, the price of potatoes was not effective

Despite repeated demands, the price of potatoes was not effective
Despite repeated demands, the price of potatoes was not effective

A month and a half ago, the government fixed the price of potatoes for the first time to control the rising market. Although there is a government directive to sell potatoes at the price of 27 taka from cold storage and 36 taka per kg at the retail level, it is not being followed anywhere. The district administration has entered the field somewhere to control the potato market. Still the price is not decreasing.

Traders say that they are selling potatoes at high prices without being able to buy them at the fixed price. And because of this, the buyers have to buy potatoes at a higher price in the retail market. New potatoes are available in the market alongside old potatoes, though they are beyond the reach of common buyers.

However, on Monday, the price was not implemented, and the district administration was instructed to go to the cold store for direct supervision. However, no initiative was seen in the implementation of this program by the various district administrations of the country.

Potatoes are expected to be sold at Tk 35 to Tk 36 per kg in the market at the price set by the government. But buyers still have to buy potatoes from the market at the rate of 55 to 60 taka per kg.

The government has fixed the price of potatoes at the retail market as well as at the cold storage level at a maximum of Tk 27 per kg. Meanwhile, new potatoes have also started coming in the market – the price of these potatoes is Tk 140 to Tk 160 per kg.

Consumers say that the price of potatoes is not under control because there is no regular monitoring. When the administration leaves, prices rise again.

However, retail traders said wholesale traders are buying potatoes at Tk 45-47 from cold stores and selling them to retail at Tk 50-55 per kg.

Agricultural officers have entered the field under the supervision of district administration in Rangpur, Jaipurhat and Thakurgaon to control the market.

Meanwhile, the government has started selling potatoes at a fair price by trucks through TCB to keep the price of potatoes under control. According to sources in the Department of Agriculture Extension, imported potatoes started arriving in the country three days after the government allowed the import of potatoes on October 30 to control prices. 1 thousand 699 tons of potatoes arrived yesterday till Sunday. The government has so far given permission to import 1 lakh 9 thousand 416 tonnes of potatoes.

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