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When Kiara Advani Told Us Who Orry Is Way Before He Took Over Our Instagram Feed

When Kiara Advani Told Us Who Orry Is Way Before He Took Over Our Instagram Feed
When Kiara Advani Told Us Who Orry Is Way Before He Took Over Our Instagram Feed

New Delhi: In short, he is Bollywood’s ‘Best Friend’ (Best Friend Of Bollywood). From Suhana Khan to Kiara Advani to Sara Ali Khan or Neeta Ambani, he is seen taking pictures with all the Bollywood stars. He is invited to any star-studded party. But who he really is, what is his relationship with Bollywood, many people do not know. He is Orhan Awatramani, alias ‘Orry’. Although the name has been known for a long time, the curiosity about him is at the height of common people. In this situation, an old video of Kiara Advani has gone viral where she is heard mentioning Ori’s name.

Kiara had already introduced Ori

A video from June 2019. It has gone viral again on social media. There, Ori is seen very excited about Kiara Advani’s work ‘Kabir Singh’ and congratulates his co-star Shahid Kapoor. After the greeting video ends, Shahid asks Kiara, who is Ori? The actress replied, ‘It’s Orhan Awatramani’. He also said, ‘His grandfather (Kabir Awatramani) used to study in my class, and he was my junior in school. And it (Ori’s video message) is so sweet.’

To which Shahid replied, ‘He is really quite happy for you’. To which Kiara replied, ‘Yes, indeed his message… it was a surprise. So sweet… I just thought, ‘Oh that Orhan from school’. Very sweet.’

In this video message Ori can be heard saying, ‘Hi Kiara, I want to wish you all the best for your new movie ‘Kabir Singh’. I remember seeing you often in high school. You were our vice-captain. And now I see you everywhere on Instagram, television. I just want to say that you are so vibrant, full of energy, and I’m proud of the hard work you’ve put in to get to where you are today. Best wishes to you and Shahid.’

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Bollywood’s star director and producer Karan Johar has all the gossip of the industry, others claim. But he doesn’t even know who Ori really is, what his profession is. Recently on his popular talk show ‘Koffee with Karn’, Karn asked Sara and Ananya, ‘Who is Ori?’ In response, Sara Ali Khan said, ‘Is there anyone who doesn’t know who Ori is?’ Ananya Pandey replied, ‘No one knew and I tried to explain who Ori was. And he tells me that he is ‘loved but misunderstood’. I have this identity in my mind now.’

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