Not the system, captain’s mindset needs to change: Amir

Not the system, captain’s mindset needs to change: Amir
Not the system, captain’s mindset needs to change: Amir

From the beginning of the World Cup, former pacer Mohammad Amir was concerned about the performance of the Pakistan team. This time he commented on captain Babar Azam.

As the team could not secure the semi-finals in the World Cup League, many people spoke about the problems in the Pakistan cricket system. And Amir complained that if Pakistan wants to improve, there should be a change in the mindset of the captain first.

In a talk show called ‘Harna Mana Hai’ on Jio News, Aamir said, we are saying – the system has to be fixed. The system needs to be changed, not the captain. Let’s give an example. We won the World Cup in 1992 under the leadership of Imran Khan, but this was the system. We played in the final in 1999, it was still the same system. Then we won the World Cup in 2009 with the same system. Similarly, I won the Champions Trophy in 2017. What does it prove?

Amir said, the same system has been going on for a long time. So the captain is the real deal. Do not separate the captain from the system. This captain has been leading for four years. He made this team according to his own mind.

Then England and Butler as an example, Amir said, Butler is a part of which system? of England Why did England play badly in this World Cup? Do they need to change the system?

He said Morgan was the captain in the previous World Cup. He came to the leadership after 2015. He said he will run the team his way. He has formed the team with the players he needs. He captained the team for four years and won the World Cup.

Amir said, the system has not changed, the mindset of the captain has changed. The system is the same as before.

Amir exemplified how a captain can transform a team. Thus, England were struggling in Test cricket for two years. Joe Root was the captain. The system remains the same but England Test cricket has changed. It was Ben Stokes who changed the game.

He said, until the mindset of the captain changes, the system will not be able to do anything. Did the system tell him not to play Abrar Ahmed or who told him to sit Fakhar after the first match?

Amir also brought forward his inclusion in the 2009 T20 World Cup, I was not being taken then. Captain Younis Khan fought for me. The chief selector said he was young and inexperienced. But the captain fought for me.

Aamir said, about the 2017 Champions League final, I was not in the semi-final due to backspasm. Rumman Raees played and did well. In the final Saifi (Sarfraz Ahmed) said, no Amir will play, he is our main bowler. He is fit and will play in the final.

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