A day and a half later, 3 miscreants are still at large for the ‘murder’ of the Trinamool leader.

A day and a half later, 3 miscreants are still at large for the ‘murder’ of the Trinamool leader.
A day and a half later, 3 miscreants are still at large for the ‘murder’ of the Trinamool leader.

Hindol De, Jayanagar: Joynagar Incident Update is still hot today around murder allegations, counter attack claims. Even after a day and a half passed since the murder of the Trinamool leader was reported early yesterday morning, 3 miscreants of TMC Leader Death Remain at Large. Although the CCTV footage captured the moments before the ‘murder’. Who gave betel leaf to Saifuddin Lashkar ‘murder’? Not clear yet. Saharul Sheikh claims that one person who has been caught for now did not fire. Someone called Saifuddin opened fire. The police have registered 3 cases in the whole incident. The name of a CPM leader named Anisur has come up. Is this Anisur the rest of the betel nut? not clear On the other hand, after the rampage in Daluakhaki village last day, the police were accused of preventing the homeless from returning to the village. Daluakhaki is practically seething with anger against the administration.

What was known…
According to police sources, the arrested Saharul Sheikh used to travel to the new area of ​​Usthi police station. However, Saharul used to visit his uncle and aunt’s house there. Relatives said that Saharul sometimes worked as a mason, sometimes as a tailor. It is reported that he has been in police custody for 10 days. Although Saharul claims in front of the media, he did not commit the murder. Didn’t know about murder. No money was given to him. Then why came to Joynagar? Although there is no clear answer, it is known about Nasser or ‘big brother’ from his words. This person brought him, claimed Saharul. The detainee further claimed that he did not fire, continued Saifuddin. According to the police sources, the Trinamool leader was killed by performing reiki and thrashing. Locals claim that the two bikes on which the miscreants came were seized by the police today. One of these bikes has no number plate. Now the question is, whose bike?

And what…
According to police sources, lakhs of rupees were paid for the murder of the Trinamool leader. The hired killers came to the area the day before the murder, the police initially learned. But the question remains here too. According to the family sources, Trinamool’s regional president started going out in the early hours of the morning just four days before the murder. Who delivered the news to the assailants? Who gave betel nut to murder? Police are looking for answers.

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