Palestine-Israel is on Trump’s path

Palestine-Israel is on Trump’s path
Palestine-Israel is on Trump’s path

The division over the issue of Palestine and Israel continues to grow. Major pro-Palestinian events have been held in cities such as New York, Paris and London. On the other hand, pro-Israeli have also held programs. But what is particularly noteworthy this time, is that it is in this damadol that moderate Jews express their concern about Israel’s bombing of Gaza in the clearest terms. Their criticism is that Netanyahu and his far-right cabinet failed to prevent the attacks, despite an elaborate security system. They blamed the Netanyahu government for escalating sectarian tensions at this stage. According to them, Hamas has attacked Israel and killed and captured civilians. It is a despicable and wrong move. This attack damaged the Palestinian issue. Based on this incident, horror has been imposed on the entire Palestinian nation. Western politicians and the media continue to use vociferously anti-Israeli language, but the carnage in Gaza lacks the same level of moral standing. In the Western world, support for Israel is considered noble and sacred. Support for the Palestinians, on the other hand, is considered dubious, dangerous and potentially criminal. Both sides have a long history of bloody atrocities. The killing of individual Israelis is inevitably followed by an even more devastating military campaign of indiscriminate retaliation against entire populations. When Joe Biden was elected as US President 3 years ago, the pro-Palestinian movements were optimistic. The Palestinian freedom fighters hoped that this time there might be a positive change in the policy of the United States on the Palestinian issue.

The administration of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, has openly supported Israel’s far right. Trump’s racist behavior is still considered by many to be the worst US government in history for the Palestinians. But today, Biden appears to embrace Israel’s genocidal aggression in Gaza. Biden has given his full support to the demonic frenzy of genocide that the Israeli authorities are carrying out in Gaza by cutting off electricity, cutting off water, food and medicine. He is directly justifying this atrocity. Biden is covering up Israeli war crimes and pandering to Israeli propaganda. More than 500 Palestinians were killed in a recent bomb attack on Gaza’s Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, killing patients and refugees there in one day. Israel says that they did not do this attack, it is the work of Islamic Jihad. Biden supported Israel’s claim even after presenting overwhelming evidence to prove that Israel’s claim is completely false. By all accounts, it appears that Biden has surpassed his predecessor Trump in the inhuman fascist treatment of the Palestinians. The reality is that the United States has never been, and still is not, an honest and impartial mediator of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in their language. Rather, the United States has always been anti-Israel and denied Palestinians basic human rights.

Washington has never tried to use its power and influence to establish peace in the Middle East based on justice. On the contrary, military aid has poured into Israel to support Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. Even the progressive American government led by the white American President Barack Obama approved a military aid package of 38 billion dollars to Israel, which is unprecedented in the history of the United States. America’s political rivals are unanimous in their unconditional support for Israel. During the US presidential election season, both camps are equally campaigned to prove who is more pro-Israel than whom. On the other hand, despite agreeing to provide the necessary aid to Palestine, the reluctance of the US administration to transfer it to them is seen. Biden’s predecessor Trump stopped all contributions to the UN’s UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) fund to the Palestinian Authority, which is close to Washington’s mission in Palestine. Biden announced Trump’s decision to rescind the funds there. But Biden is exempting that funding, so that only Palestinians detained in Israeli-controlled areas would receive the relief.

Washington has made it clear that the United States does not care about the lives of Palestinians by supplying Israel with weapons of mass destruction, providing financial support to Israel, vetoing ceasefire proposals in the Security Council, and even sending aircraft carriers to Palestine. The US position on the Palestinians is strikingly reminiscent of the attitudes of early European settlers towards Native Americans. The Palestinians are not even seen as a relevant nexus of US foreign policy. The United States considers Palestine a nuisance group to engage in conflict with Israel, the Middle East’s only nuclear-powered ally. The United States has no concern about the human dignity of the Palestinians. Because of this, the United States has never been able to sincerely come forward with a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis. Just as white Americans have seen Native Americans and tribes as troublemakers and have always tried to evict them from their homelands, the US administration has proceeded with the same idea regarding the Palestinians. Since colonization by dispossessing indigenous peoples is the foundation of the American nation, they have justified Israeli occupation by displacing the Palestinians. No doubt the US is completely realistic about its foreign policy interests and aspirations. That is why the United States feels no sympathy for the Palestinians, even though they are poor, weak and geographically microscopic. So until the US is forced to look at the Middle East situation differently, it will continue to ignore the Palestinians’ right to life, justice and freedom. What is needed to change US policy on Palestine is: a changing international environment that can manage US foreign policy options and prerogatives, and the strengthening of organizations within the US that can exert strategic pressure on the Palestinian issue on the two major political parties. can

The very foundation of the democratic and liberal Western world is freedom of expression and the right to speak about human rights. But Harvard University graduates who hold pro-Palestinian views have been threatened with job blacklisting. French interior minister bans pro-Palestinian protests He ordered the expulsion of foreigners living in France who committed anti-Semitic activities. Similar steps have been taken in Germany. The situation is similar elsewhere in the Western world. British Home Secretary Suella Braverman was publicly criticized for racist remarks. He told Britain’s top police officer that anyone flying a Palestinian flag or chanting pro-Arab slogans would be considered a crime. As seen in all civil rights movements in history, radical militias side by side with moderates. It has been seen in the anti-apartheid movement, the civil movement in the United States, the Irish republican movement. That is true even of the Zionist movement. Many of today’s Israeli leaders have emerged through such armed action.

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