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Nur Alam’s Bajimat in Dragon Cultivation in the Hills

Nur Alam’s Bajimat in Dragon Cultivation in the Hills
Nur Alam’s Bajimat in Dragon Cultivation in the Hills

Cultivation of the exotic fruit dragon has become increasingly popular in the hills. This time, Noor Alam succeeded in cultivating foreign fruit dragon commercially in Matiranga of Khagrachari, a hill town.

Noor Alam purchased 13 acres of land in 2019 with the aim of becoming self-employed and self-reliant after seeing Sheikh Siraj’s agricultural program. He started a mixed fruit garden with dragon from the same year after preparing the purchased land. He is continuing dragon farming in constant contact with Matiranga Agriculture Department.

From June 2020, Noor Alam started cultivating only dragons on 2 acres of land. Currently, he is cultivating different species of dragons in more than 22 hundred pillars. Yellow, American Beauty, Taiwan Red, Thai White are notable among them.

When you go to the surface, you can see rows of dragon flowers and colorful fruits. But the night scene is more unique than the day scene.

It has been found that in just 4 years, all the dragon trees have yielded and sold as expected. He sold a total of 7,000 kg of dragons in the wholesale and retail markets at the end of the season this year. The market value of which is about 12 lakh taka.

Chinese orange tree, Ram Bhutan, Longan, Lotkon, Miyazaki mango, Garumati, Vietnamese malta, Katiman mango, Egyptian malta, Ring malta, Potato, Apple, Pear, Avocator, Black amber, Lemon tree, Anti-cancer Kerosal are planted in this garden. .

Besides, there are date trees of different varieties including Barohi, Ajwa, Mitzal and Amber, of which half of the trees have already borne fruit. This year he sold dates worth about two lakh rupees.

Noor Alam said, I was very interested in agriculture, so I did the work seriously. My success motivates me to do new things. I am thinking of cultivating some new varieties of dragon fruit along with importation of new varieties.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Md. Sabuj Ali said, dragon is a high value crop. Cultivation of dragon fruit is increasing every year in Matiranga. Due to the huge demand of this fruit in the market, the farmers are benefiting financially. Upazila Agriculture Office provides all kinds of advice and support in dragon cultivation.

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