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Inauguration of 22 projects on Monday in Khulna today, Prime Minister’s rally stage is ready

Inauguration of 22 projects on Monday in Khulna today, Prime Minister’s rally stage is ready
Inauguration of 22 projects on Monday in Khulna today, Prime Minister’s rally stage is ready

Awami League’s divisional general meeting will be held at Khulna Circuit House today Monday afternoon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address the chief guest in this grand gathering.

Yesterday Sunday (November 13) at noon Sheikh Helal Uddin, Member of Parliament for Bagerhat-1 Constituency and nephew of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, visited the grand gathering place with central and local leaders.

Sheikh Helaluddin said, tomorrow’s mass gathering will be the biggest public gathering after independence. For a long time, the demand of the people of this region was Padma Bridge. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has fulfilled that demand. So the people of the area will participate in this grand gathering to express their gratitude to the Prime Minister.

Khulna City Mayor Talukder Abdul Khalek, Khulna-2 Constituency Member of Parliament Salahuddin Nasim, Awami League Central Joint General Secretary AFM Baha Uddin Nasim, Organizing Secretary ABM Mozzammel Haque, SM Kamal Hossain and others were present.

City Mayor Talukder Abdul Khalek said that women will be present at Circuit House Maidan and male party leaders will be present throughout the city. The mass gathering will be telecast live on TV screens in different parts of the city.

A symbolic Padma bridge has been built on top with a boat-shaped stage for the grand gathering. Prime Minister will inaugurate 22 projects and lay the foundation stone of two projects at the grand assembly.

The entire city has been shrouded in security on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s arrival. The entire area has been brought under the coverage of CC cameras. Every area of ​​Khulna city is decorated in different clothes. More than two hundred pylons have been constructed on every road in the city. Colorful banners and festoons adorn every corner.

The administration and the local Awami League have made extensive preparations to make Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s public meeting a success. Mikeing, postering, placards, billboards, arch construction and lighting are going on.

Awami League leaders said that the main party and affiliated organizations have already held preparatory meetings. Central leaders have visited the preparations several times. Important roads are illuminated at night.

City Awami League general secretary Babul Rana said that preparations have been made to gather 10 lakh people of 10 districts of Khulna division in the public meeting. There will be an influx of activists across the city.

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