The Prime Minister will address the public meeting in Khulna today

The Prime Minister will address the public meeting in Khulna today
The Prime Minister will address the public meeting in Khulna today

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is coming to Khulna today. He will address the divisional rally organized by Awami League at Circuit House ground. 29 development projects of 10 ministries will be unveiled in the presence of 1 million people in 10 districts of Khulna division, Gopalganj, Faridpur and 21 districts of southwestern region. Around the day, the city is decorated in a different form for a few days before.
The Prime Minister will come to Khulna today at 12:45 PM in a helicopter for the funeral. Khulna circuit house from 1 pm to 2 pm will exchange views with various departmental level officials. He will inaugurate various projects at 2:45 PM. And will join the public meeting from 3 o’clock. For which the largest stage in memory has been built at the public meeting place. Its length is 130 feet and width is 40 feet. The lower part is boat-shaped. And in the upper part, 120 feet in the pattern of the dream Padma Bridge. On top of that are pictures of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s two cousins, Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana. 400 leaders can sit together on this stage with three levels. Central leaders visited the venue yesterday. After a long 5 years 9 months 10 days party chief Sheikh Hasina is coming to the public in Khulna. Panna, PVC and poster campaign all over Khulna city around his arrival. Arches can be seen everywhere in the streets of the city. This number is more than two hundred. In many places, various structures have been built with boats. On the other hand, in the evening, the colorful lights of different lamps including LEDs have charmed the city dwellers. Various important structures along with both sides of the road have been decorated with colorful decorations.
In the last few days, the whole city has been filled with various beautification crafts including toran, pana, PVC. The illumination takes the city into a different shape after dusk. A vast stage is being built in the pattern of boats below and Padma Bridge above. The responsible leaders said that more than 1 million people will gather in the public meeting. He will also unveil 29 development projects. Top local leaders of the party said that all preparations are almost over. Meanwhile, regular meetings of the Awami League and affiliated organizations are going on at the party office every day, and joy rallies and processions are being held in the center of the President’s visit. There are more than 300 microphones in the venue and the city.
Meanwhile, the party leaders and workers are also excited around the arrival of the prime minister. They said, we are eagerly waiting when the leader will come and when to listen to her. Leaders and activists think that he will give a directive speech for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Besides, many are eager to see him from the front.
Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Pulak Kumar Mandal said, Prime Minister will unveil 29 development projects of 10 ministries. Out of this, 24 projects will be inaugurated and the foundation stone of 5 projects will be laid. There will be another stage next to the public meeting stage, from where he will complete the inauguration process.
District Awami League General Secretary Advocate Sujit Adhikari told Inkilab that more than 1 million people will gather here. The biggest stage in memory is being built. Apart from this, various designs of arches are being made in cities and districts. In all, there will be more than two hundred arches around this gathering.
Khulna Metropolitan Awami League President Talukdar Abdul Khalek said, this public meeting is Khulna Divisional public meeting. There will be a lot of people in the meeting. We are campaigning with posters, pylons, pans and mics to turn public gatherings into masses of people. In addition to Awami League leaders and activists, the responsibilities of the leaders of organs and allied organizations have been explained. Everyone met and handed over the responsibilities. There will be microphones spread over a wide area, so that everyone can hear the President’s speech from afar. Mike is being brought from Dhaka. In addition to the meeting place, there are more than three hundred microphones throughout the city. So that even from far away people can hear the leader’s words.
It may be noted that Awami League president Sheikh Hasina last visited Khulna on March 3, 2018 to address the party meeting. Before the election of the 11th National Assembly, he addressed the leaders and activists of the South-Western region. Then he visited Khulna on January 6 this year on a personal visit. At that time he visited the land and buildings purchased in the name of his mother Bangamata Begum Fazilatun Necha Mujib in Nagarghat area of ​​Dighlia upazila.
20 pairs of special trains on the occasion of the public meeting: Party leaders and activists are thinking of this public meeting as an election public meeting before the announcement of the schedule for the 12th National Assembly elections. People of 10 districts of Khulna division, Gopalganj, Faridpur and 21 districts of southwestern region will join this public meeting.
Today, the railway authorities will operate 20 pairs of special trains so that the leaders can attend the Khulna divisional public meeting without any problems and return home safely after the public meeting. The number of seats in each train is more than 1 thousand. But at least two and a half to three thousand passengers can come and go in each train.
On behalf of the General Manager of Railway West Zone, ACOPS Md. According to an office order signed by Abdul Awal, the Kushtia Special (the rake of Banalta Express) will leave Kushtia at 8 am. Alamdanga Special will depart from Alamdanga station at 8.30 am. Kotchandpur Special will leave Kotchandpur at 9.30 am. Benapole Special will leave Benapole at 9.30 am. The Jessore special train will leave Jessore station first at 8:30 am and at 11:40 am. Noapara Special will bring passengers twice from Noapara station at 9 am and 11.40 am. Besides, some other special trains including Jhikargacha Special, Mubarakganj Special will run on Monday.
Benazir Ahmed, locomotive in-charge engineer of Khulna railway station, said that next Monday, the railway has made arrangements for the movement of special trains in the western zone. He said, Khulna modern railway station can enter 4 trains simultaneously. But 6 trains can leave simultaneously.
Railway West Zone General Manager Asim Kumar Talukder said that the railway department has decided to run a special train to facilitate the movement of passengers, focusing on the public meeting of the Prime Minister in Khulna. For this purpose, Western Railway is fully prepared.

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