Bride hacked to death in Nangalkot


Jharna Akhtar (18), a bride, was hacked to death at her home in Comilla’s Nangalkot. Miscreants barged into the house of Abdul Jalil, a tea shopkeeper of Kendra village in Nangalkot municipality last Saturday evening, hacked his newly married daughter Jharna Akhter to death and escaped. Zainal Abedin’s wife of the next house heard the fight inside the house and went to the shop and informed Abdul Jalil. Abdul Jalil came home and found his daughter’s brain and blood in the house. Hearing the screams of Abdul Jalil, the locals came forward and took Jharna to the Nangalkot Upazila Health Complex, where the doctor on duty declared him dead. 17 days ago Jharna got married to her cousin Abdullah in Jodda village of the upazila. Shopkeeper Abdul Jalil’s wife passed away a few years ago. Jharna was the fourth among Abdul Jalil’s 3 daughters and 2 sons. Jharna’s mobile was stolen a few days ago. This led to a quarrel with Jharna’s wife and her neighbor’s girlfriend.

Abdul Jalil’s father believes that the murder may have happened because of this.
The deceased’s father, Abdul Jalil, said that Zainal Bhai’s wife rushed to me after hearing the noise in the house. I went home and found my daughter lying on the ground. The room was covered in blood and his brain was lying next to it. For the past few days, my son Shaheen’s wife Koli Akhtar and daughter’s friend Khuki from the neighboring house had an argument about the theft of my daughter’s mobile phone. Shaheen’s wife Koli and daughter’s girlfriend Khuki blame each other for the theft of the mobile phone. My daughter-in-law quarreled with Khuki and his family members over this. Later someone left the mobile again in our house. My daughter-in-law along with my son went to visit her father’s house in Satbaria village of upazila on Friday. The girl was alone in the house as my wife was not alive and her fiancee was away. I think this mobile theft incident is my daughter’s death. My daughter was brutally murdered, I want those involved in this incident to be hanged. Nangalkot police sub-inspector Saiful Islam said, we came to the spot after getting the information. The body will be recovered and sent to Comilla Medical College Hospital for post-mortem.

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