Verification of Bangladesh’s human rights record in Geneva today


Under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), Bangladesh’s human rights record was reviewed today at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. In this day-long hearing, the incidents and allegations of human rights violations in Bangladesh will be openly raised and the UN team will hear the government’s statement on this. In recent times, Bangladesh’s ‘fragile’ human rights situation has been regularly discussed in global forums. In that regard, the concerned professional diplomats think that such discussions on a wide scale under this year’s Universal Periodic Review have added significance. Moreover, this is going to be the first hearing in the United Nations after the United States imposed sanctions on 7 top officers of Bangladesh’s Elite Force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in December 2021, accusing them of human rights violations. Where the government is getting an opportunity to explain in various cases of violation of copyright. A high-level delegation led by Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Anisul Haque will present arguments and facts on behalf of the government in the UPR hearing held every four years.
The party included Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam MP, but he dropped out at the last moment, a responsible diplomatic source confirmed to Human Land. It is noted that after the hearing, the law minister will brief the media of Bangladesh virtually. The Ministry of External Affairs is organizing this briefing in the evening.

According to diplomatic sources, the review is being conducted based on three reports. That is – 1. National report issued by Govt.

2. Compilation prepared by the Office of the High Commission on Human Rights of various United Nations data. 3. Compilation prepared by the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights from reports submitted by the National Human Rights Commission and national and international human rights organizations or coalitions of organizations. From the reports, member states make recommendations to the state under review based on their own priorities. In addition to highlighting the initiatives taken by the government to improve the human rights situation, it can support or keep notes on the recommendations given by the government. Which means that even if the government does not support these recommendations at the moment, it will take necessary measures to create an environment to support them in the future. Governments, National Human Rights Commissions and national and international human rights organizations or coalitions of organizations have already submitted reports to participate in this review.

They have been uploaded on the website of the Office of the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights. This year’s reports of 39 participants from various domestic and foreign human rights organizations or alliances of organizations have been submitted. Apart from this, various countries including Belgium, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Uruguay have submitted their questions, where ratification of the UN Charter on Disappearances, prevention of child marriage, creating a favorable environment for human rights activists and civil organizations, ensuring the right to peaceful assembly and assembly are various. The subject has been highlighted. 114 countries have expressed interest in asking questions and making recommendations in this review. The members of the Bangladesh delegation led by Law Minister Anisul Haque left Dhaka with preparations to answer various questions raised in this regard including highlighting the various steps taken by the government to improve the human rights situation in Bangladesh in the past four years. Incidentally, the Universal Periodic Review is held every four years to review the human rights situation of the UN member states.

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