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beautiful death

beautiful death
beautiful death

We are waiting for a beautiful death. That death will bring us eternal success. That success will never end. Its level will increase later. There is only happiness everywhere. There will be no quarreling, violence, rivalry. There will only be overflowing happiness and endless freedom. At death the soul will come out very comfortably. We all want that kind of death.
Only living beings will taste death. Then you will return to Me. (Al Ankabut-57)
To get such a death, we must do something. One should try to follow the rules of life given by the one who created and gave life.
Death has no age. There is no set time. Death is entirely in God’s hands. He will die the way he wants to die. No power in the world can stop death. Death can happen at any age, from the womb to infants, boys and girls, teenagers, young women. No one can know even a moment before death that he will die a little later. So we want to be constantly prepared for death. May I stand in front of Allah with some good deeds. May I be able to give an answer for what I have spent my life doing.
Of course, one should stay away from evil and foolish actions and control one’s self.
From the age of seven, you should know the rules of praying, studying the Quran, and ablution. The habit of always speaking the truth should be done from a very young age. If it is obligatory, the veil must be followed. Veils are not just for girls. Boys also have to strictly follow veil rules.
Talking with a smile, starting the conversation with salam, starting eating by saying Bismillah, respecting and respecting the elders, loving the younger ones, these beautiful habits should be developed through one’s behavior and speech. You have to save yourself from quarrels, violence, fights. Lying to make people laugh is the heinous crime. This should never be done. Small good deeds, good words should be conveyed to friends. If classmates want to borrow book notes, it is a good thing to be happy to lend them. If a friend is in danger, everyone lends a helping hand; These are good things to visit when sick. To be steadfast in the path of truth and justice. One of the best things to do when a friend goes astray is to guide him back to the right path. Explaining the importance of Salat to a friend who does not pray five times properly and continuing to pray with him.
It is He who gives life and causes death, and the change of day and night is His work, yet do you not understand? (Al Mu’minun-80)
We don’t know when death will come, always be prepared for death. Our goal is the same, to be successful. Let life go as it is, no objection. But let death be beautiful. The believers are like the muttakin. To be like the beloved servants of Allah is our only desire.
This momentary life will suddenly stop, activity will stop. But the life hereafter will never end. No one will die in the afterlife. The path to eternal life must be gained in this short time. Be prepared for the next life. To live in peace and happiness.
O Allah, shower your mercy and blessings on us like rain. Forgive us our bad words and deeds. Increase our good works by your infinite power.
Send the angels of heaven and let us die. Make our death easy and beautiful. We await your kindness.
Author: Shivpur, from Narsingdi

The article is in Bengali

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