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The child who came to the hospital with cold and cough returned as a dead body

The child who came to the hospital with cold and cough returned as a dead body
The child who came to the hospital with cold and cough returned as a dead body

A child died in Comilla 12 days after being brought to hospital with cold and cough. The family claims that the child died because of the doctor’s mistake. The incident took place at Holy Care Hospital in Tomcham Bridge area of ​​Comilla city on Saturday at 5 pm.

Meanwhile, when trying to collect the news of this incident, the director of the hospital has been accused of snatching the camera of a private TV channel. Against Morshedul Alam.

The child who died was from Garjaipur village of Goliara South Union of Sadar Dakshin Upazila of Comilla. Son of Soleiman. Hossein.

In this incident, the cameraperson of DBC television Biplab Hossain was injured in the scuffle. Colleagues took him to Comilla Sadar Hospital.

Soleman, the father of the deceased child, said, ‘On October 28, I brought my son to Holy Care Hospital due to a cold. Then Dr. On the advice of Abdul Qayyum, he was admitted to the hospital. The child was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) on November 10. Doctors did not do any echo or heart test before this. They suddenly told us on October 10 that three-fourths of my child’s heart was destroyed.

Why are you blaming the wrong treatment or the doctor? On such a question, he said, ‘If the doctor had told us on the first day that my child has a heart problem, then I would have taken him to Dhaka or somewhere else earlier. But they didn’t tell us anything. No tests were done to diagnose my child’s heart problem. So who else can I blame but the doctor. We will take legal action in this regard.’

Child’s mother Shima Akhtar said, ‘I used to sell blood for my child. We did what the doctor said. But the doctor did not treat our child on time. We knew the common cold; Suddenly two days ago I heard about heart problem. How much my manik laughed with me! I want my manik back!’ That’s why he burst into tears.

In this regard, DBC television’s camera person Biplab said, ‘We went to the hospital after receiving the complaint of the child’s death. I was accompanied by colleagues from Jamuna Television and Time Television. We were leaving the hospital after taking the director’s speech. Doctor Morshedul Alam came and pushed me while standing and taking footage of the signboard. “Why did you take a picture of the signboard?” By saying this he pushed me and pulled the camera. At this time he shouted “Who where are you? Hold the wire” he called. Then twist my arm and take the camera. I drop the camera when my hand hurts He then took the camera to his room.’

Meanwhile, Comilla Press Club President Lutfar Rahman strongly condemned the incident at the hospital.

Qayyum, the accused doctor, could not be found.

Hospital director Dr. Morshedul Alam admitted to taking the camera and said, ‘I asked the journalist to meet me downstairs. Why didn’t they meet? So I’m angry. If the patient has a complaint, he asked to complain to the police station.

Dr. Comilla civil surgeon in this regard. Nachima Akhter said, “The issue of Holy Care Hospital will be investigated.”

The article is in Bengali

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