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Biden is responsible for this dire world situation

Biden is responsible for this dire world situation
Biden is responsible for this dire world situation

US the president Joe to biden again one hand took the former the president Donald Trump. recently promoted one In the interview he said, current of the world for global warm up not, rather possible nuclear of war due to creatednuclear Warming upgenuine threat spanishamerican outlet Univision to give one In the interview Donald Trump A talk said Joe to biden purpose by doing he said,’including the United States the whole of the world horrible A of the situation for He is responsible he said, you see three year before in the world A kind of any The problem is was no in the world Inflation, Ukraine And Israel of war like any the problem was no then US United States the economy such as was strong, like that of The border too A forever the most secure was And now all upside down gone we are this horrible of the condition the end consequence as Another one World War towards ahead going in front the third World War possibility there is the former A US the president said,’who the world the third World War towards push giving, they are past 3 hundredyear as long as global warm up with talk saying of the sea bottom from of the sea the water one hundredshare a part That is one inch increased will go

In this or the world threatening in the mouth will read However it is any threat not of mankind for global of warming than big threat done nuclear warm up of the world this of the situation for he to biden responsible by doing said, our United States one ineligible the leader are there, he stage from to get off can no, the stairs to find drink no he two sentence together to say can no even talk too to say can no However he Russian the president BøAdimir Petni And of China the president Shi of Xi Jinping with such behavior doing that, this two the leader never our say no that, they are our choice doTrump More said,’of the world for the most big threat done nuclear weapons our such one the person are there, who chief Conciliator, However nuclear weapons what he that well you know no

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