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It is time for all nations to boycott Israel: Momen

It is time for all nations to boycott Israel: Momen
It is time for all nations to boycott Israel: Momen

It is time for all nations to boycott Israel: Momen

Dhaka, November 12, 2023 (BSS): Foreign Minister Dr. Abdul Momen said, the time has come for people of all races and religions, especially the Muslim Ummah and people with honor and human dignity to boycott Israel and its products.
Addressing the Eighth Special Islamic Conference in Riyadh on Saturday, he said, this killing must stop and stop forever, a message received here today said.
A special joint Arab-Islamic summit was held to discuss Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.
The foreign minister said the situation in Gaza is not only an example of ethnic cleansing, but a genocide perpetrated by state power with the support of leaders of the free world, including advocates of human rights, humanitarian law and all ethical and moral values.
Stating that Israel’s leadership must be held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity, he said, the killing of innocent civilians and the evacuation of areas through barbarism has created an atmosphere of terror.
Momen said such actions need to be punished to end the ongoing conflict in Gaza forever and all prisoners should be released so that the people can start living peacefully in their own country.
He said the Israel-Gaza war is not a war at all. It is actually brutal and collective punishment and killing of innocent men and women, especially non-combatant children who cannot fight back.
He also said that Bangladesh supports the right of self-determination, sovereignty and independence of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and stands firmly for it. He also said that Bangladesh is calling for an immediate ceasefire regarding Israel’s war against Palestine.
Momen said this war is depriving cities and towns, the aspirations of a nation and an occupied people of their rights such as food, shelter, water, essential medicines, fuel and electricity and of course the opportunity to live a decent life.
He said Israel must stop killing women and children and end the occupation.
Momen said a humanitarian corridor needs to be kept open for the continued, rapid and safe delivery of food, water, medicine and other life-saving supplies to Gaza residents.
He said, all the decisions we agreed at the United Nations, the Middle East peace initiative and the implementation process of the road map should be reviewed. He said there should be a clear timeframe for the two-state solution.
Momen said that it is important to build the unity of the Muslim Ummah to end this crisis.

The article is in Bengali

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