Kabir’s granddaughter’s question about the contract

Kabir’s granddaughter’s question about the contract
Kabir’s granddaughter’s question about the contract

AR Rahman and Anindita Kazi


Indian composer AR Rahman has been under fire for the past few days for allegedly ‘distorting’ the melody of Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s famous song ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’. Now Nazrul’s granddaughter, Anindita Kazi, daughter of late musician Kalyani Kazi, fueled this controversy.

Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman composed a new composition of Nazrul’s song for the Hindi movie ‘Pippa’, directed by Rajakrishna Menon. But many of the listeners complained that the rebellion was lost from the song in the hands of AR Rahman. Many people are protesting and criticizing on social media.

The members of the poet’s family also could not take the matter well. In a long post on Facebook on Saturday, Anindita questioned the process of transferring the rights of the original song.

Anindita, a resident of New Jersey, wrote, “Dadur’s ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’ song was composed by eminent lyricist and composer AR Rahman. Controversy storms all over the world. My mother Kalyani Kazi, whose survival was about Nazrul, surrounded by Nazrul, captured by Nazrul… She gave permission to use the song intact in 2021. But the consequences would be such, he could not have thought even after death.”

Many have raised the question whether the song has been allowed to be used in exchange for a lot of money. Anindita also replied to him in a Facebook post.

He said, “In that case, it is very important to know what agreement was reached in 2021, then all the debates will end.” And those who have done this against the agreement, appropriate action will be taken against them.”

Anindita wrote that she came to know from the media that the contract papers are with her brother Kazi Anirban. As one of the family members, he wants to clarify the whole matter after seeing the contract. And so he asked for everyone’s cooperation.

Meanwhile, Khilkhil Kazi, the granddaughter of Kazi Nazrul Islam, is severely criticizing AR Rahman to BDNews 24 on Friday. He also commented that the composer’s initiative was a ‘criminal offence’.

Recently Nazrul’s grandson Anirban Kazi accused the song of being distorted; He also demanded that his family’s name be removed from the song’s ‘credit line’.

Anirvan commented, “We didn’t realize that an artist like Rahman could be so insensitive; Can kill the song. As a protest, I don’t want our family’s name in the film’s credit line ‘special thanks’.

“With all due respect to Rahman, I want to know who gave him the right to distort the song. At the time of giving the title, there was no mention of changing the tone. What kind of a song! Like a village song, Bhatiali has done it. Made it much cheaper.”

Meanwhile, Pandit Ajay Chakraborty and Heimanti Shuklao have expressed disappointment to Anandabazar Online after seeing Rahman’s creation.

Ajay Chakraborty said that he did not like hearing some parts of the song after it came to notice.

In his words, “We don’t expect this from a very well-known composer like him. This requires government action. Complaints should be made in writing to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister. Such songs carry a different meaning in the minds of Bengalis. It won’t feel good if you shake it there. He should have done more research and put in the work.”

Senior musician Heimanti Shukla was also seen expressing his anger about this.

He said in an angry voice, “I realized that he has no idea about Bengali music. They are trying to destroy Bengali culture. Good work should be appreciated. Similarly any bad work should be criticized. I am surprised to think how Rahman gained this courage.

On June 20, 1922, the song ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’ was written by Nazrul. When freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das was imprisoned, he wrote the song about the people of Bengal at the request of his wife Basanti Devi. The song was recorded in June 1949 in the voice of Girin Chakraborty.


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