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Demand to declare ‘Coast Day’ on November 12

Demand to declare ‘Coast Day’ on November 12
Demand to declare ‘Coast Day’ on November 12

The Coast Foundation has demanded that November 12 be declared ‘Coast Day’. The organization made this demand in a human chain organized in front of the press club on Sunday (November 12).

M Amirul Haque Parvez Chowdhury, founder chairman of Coastal researcher and founder of Coastal Foundation, said that billions of people of the coast are constantly living with multifaceted disasters. Coast is the name of a town affected by storms. Adversity, tides, river erosion, effects of salinity are daily companions of the working people of the coast. A special day for them can be ‘Beach Day’ on 12th November. There is a need for a special day to make people aware of the new disasters in global climate change.

He also said that 15 to 25 feet high tides inundated southern coastal areas and islands during the 1970s cyclone, killing one million people. The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has also named this cyclone as the deadliest cyclone in the history of the world.

At this time, they urged the political parties to include the issue of declaring ‘Coast Day’ in their manifesto for the upcoming National Assembly elections. Besides, Voyal on November 12, 1970 demanded the recognition of the state recognition of the cruel loss of life of one million people along the coast including Bhola, Patuakhali, Ramgati, Hatia, Sandwip in the disastrous cyclone and tidal wave.

Delta Forum Chief Coordinator Mir Mosharef Ami, Adv. Abdul Baset Shamim, Dhaka University Voluntary Unit General Secretary Al Amin, Osman Gani, Adnan etc.


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