Scissors-killing of wife by alleging ‘immoral relationship’

Scissors-killing of wife by alleging ‘immoral relationship’
Scissors-killing of wife by alleging ‘immoral relationship’

A housewife named Jahanara Begum (50) was killed by a knife in Narayanganj’s Araihazaar due to a family dispute. The murder took place in Mukundi area under the municipality on Saturday night. Jahanara’s husband Abdul Haque was arrested by the police on Sunday morning for the murder. He was later arrested in the case and sent to jail in the afternoon.

Deceased Jahanara Begum is the daughter of deceased Osman Mia of that area.

According to family sources, 27 years ago she got married to Siraj Mia’s son Abdul Haque of Mukundi Gazipura area. The couple has two sons. Jahanara lives in her father’s house with her husband and children.

According to local sources, Abdul Haque got involved in various crimes in the area after marriage. He was arrested in a robbery case and spent approximately 5 years in prison. Recently released on bail and came to the area. The wife started the torture by slandering Jahanara in an immoral relationship.

A member of Jahanara’s family said that Abdul Haque was pressuring his wife to sell the land received from her father. Jahanara did not agree to that. Abdul Haque got angry and started physically and mentally torturing him. He also spread false accusations of immoral relationship. A fight broke out between the husband and wife on Saturday night. Abdul Haque hit Jahanara 15-20 times with sharp scissors at around 2 am. Relatives and neighbors rescued Jahanara and took her to Upazila Health Complex as she continued to scream in severe pain. The doctor on duty there declared him dead.

After receiving the news, Araihajar police station arrested Abdul Haque on Sunday morning. Later, Jahanara’s elder brother Abdul Salam became the plaintiff and filed a murder case with the police station, making him the sole accused. Abdul Haque was sent to jail through the court in the afternoon, said Mohammad Ahsan Ullah, officer-in-charge of Araihazar police station. He said, Abdul Haque confessed to killing his wife in the initial interrogation. The body has been sent to Narayanganj Victoria General Hospital for post-mortem.

Sundar Ali, the mayor of Araihajar municipality, went to Jahanara’s house on Sunday morning after receiving the news of the murder. He told reporters that Abdul Haque is a known robber. Police and locals know about it. Women over 50 are in an immoral relationship – this is nothing but a lie. He demanded a fair investigation and exemplary punishment of the culprit.

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