The price of 1 kg of vegetables is 85 thousand taka


Lifestyle Desk: How much is the price of vegetables! 30 taka, 40 taka or sometimes one hundred taka per kg. What the seller is asking is also not the purchase price. The buyer tries to buy as low a price as possible by haggling. As a result, vegetables of 30 rupees are often available for less than this.

However, buying a type of vegetable called ‘Hop Shots’ should not be bargained for. one price Hearing that price, many people’s eyes will be raised. The price of this vegetable per kg is 85 thousand taka!

You don’t see hop shots very often. Not available in all markets. This special type of vegetable can be found in Himachal Pradesh. Although the price is high, there is a demand for it.

All over the world this vegetable has a different identity. As there is no demand for it in Bangladesh or Asia, it is not cultivated much. It is widely cultivated in Europe and America. The vegetable looks a lot like asparagus. Eating is much the same. You can eat this vegetable the same way you cook asparagus. Apart from this, it has many other uses.

The flower of this plant is known as hop. Beer is made from hop flowers. This flower is used as a fragrance in different types of drinks. Beer made with hop flowers has excellent quality, which does not spoil easily.

Hop shots were first cultivated in Germany. The first drink was used in 1079. Hop shots are also used as a salad dressing. Those who love to make and eat pickles can also make delicious pickles from it. Initially it gained special fame for making beer, but gradually its medicinal properties came to the fore. Since then, its value has increased worldwide.

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Hot shops have many benefits. It contains minerals and natural oils. Its anti-inflammatory properties stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and skin. As a result, the hair is strong from the roots. Hop shots are high in fiber. Which works to solve digestive problems. Rich in antioxidants, this vegetable can relieve pain in less time. It also has no comparison for keeping muscles active. This vegetable also works to cure insomnia.

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