In the open market, the dollar is 128 rupees

In the open market, the dollar is 128 rupees
In the open market, the dollar is 128 rupees

In the open market, it is selling at 128 taka per dollar which is about 15 taka higher than the price set by the central bank.

Central bank officials declined to comment on the dollar’s record price on the open market. However, they said that the illegal dollar traders behind the high rate of dollar transactions are being investigated.

In this regard, Bangladesh Bank spokesperson and executive director Majbaul Haque said, “The central bank has strictly warned the banks to buy dollars at excessive rates.”

He said, “If the bank buys dollars ignoring the bank rate, the central bank will punish severely.”

The price of the US dollar is rising unbridled in the open market. In contrast, after three days, the price of the dollar increased by three rupees in the open market.

In the open market on Saturday, every US dollar was selling at Tk 127.

Earlier, on Wednesday (November 8), the carb market sold at Rs 124 per dollar.

For money exchangers, Bangladesh Bank has fixed the buying price of the dollar at Tk 113.75 and the selling price at Tk 115.25.

However, dollars are not being traded in any money exchange at this price.

Although dollars are not traded in the money exchanges, buyers bought 128 rupees per dollar from various shops and restaurants in Motijheel, Dilkusha, Paltan, Fakirapool areas on Saturday.

Bangladesh Money Changers Association Secretary General Helal Sikder said, “Dollars are not being traded at the rate set by Bangladesh Bank. The customer comes in and leaves without getting a dollar. They are forced to buy dollars from illegal traders at exorbitant prices.”

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