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6 people are going to Kashmir to bring the dead bodies of 3 Bangladeshis

6 people are going to Kashmir to bring the dead bodies of 3 Bangladeshis
6 people are going to Kashmir to bring the dead bodies of 3 Bangladeshis

Their relatives are going to Kashmir to bring the bodies of 3 Bangladeshis killed in houseboat fire in Dal Lake of Indian Kashmir. It is said that two people from each family will go to Indian Kashmir.

The relatives said that it is not possible to identify the identity of the 3 people who died due to the fire. Therefore, the body will be handed over to the family members only after the DNA test is identified.

The 3 Bangladeshi tourists were killed when a houseboat named Safina caught fire in the Dal Lake of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. The accident happened around 5:30 a.m. local time on Saturday.

The deceased are – Public Works Division Rangamati Executive Engineer Anindya Kaushal, Chittagong Public Works Sub-Division Sub-Divisional Engineer Eamon Dasgupta and contractor Mohammad Mainuddin Chowdhury.

Among the 3 deceased, engineer Anindya’s house is in Mirsarai and Emon’s house is in Binajuri of Raujan and contractor Mainuddin’s house is in Madhyam Kadalpur village of Raujan upazila.

Asif Mohiuddin, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Counter Terrorism) of Chittagong Metropolitan Police, brother-in-law of Mainuddin Chowdhury, said that either his father or mother should be sent to India to bring back the body. Because we will be able to bring back the body only after the DNA test is done and the body is identified. Efforts are underway to bring the body and send his parents for DNA testing.

Engineer Eamon Dasgupta’s brother-in-law Shubo Mahajan said, I have contacted the Indian Assistant High Commission to send mother and father of sister-in-law Eamon Das to Kashmir. Because we have to bring back the body after DNA testing. We are told that no one can be identified due to the burns.

According to the police, the fire started from a houseboat near ghat number 9 of Dal Lake around 5:30 am on Saturday. It then quickly spread to other houseboats nearby. At least five houseboats were gutted and several others damaged in the fire.

After the fire, some bodies were recovered from the burnt houseboat. Among them, there are 3 Bangladeshi tourists. They were staying in a houseboat named Safina in Dal Lake.

The article is in Bengali

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