Karar Oi Louho Kopat Controversy | Kazi Anirban shares his thoughts on Kazi Anindita’s claim regarding copyright issues of Nazrul Geeti dgtl


Anindita Kazi, the granddaughter of Kazi Nazrul Islam, wanted to know how the rights of the song were transferred in the ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’ controversy. In a post on social media, Anindita wrote, “It is very important to know what agreement was made in 2021, then all controversies will end. And those who have done this against the agreement, appropriate action will be taken against them.” How exactly was this song copyrighted to the producer? How true is Anindita’s claim? In search of answers, Anandabazar Online contacted Anirvan.

The producer took the rights of the song on behalf of Kazi Nazrul’s family for use in the film ‘Pippa’ in 2021. Anirban told Anandabazar Online, “First they called my mother (Kalyani Kazi). After that he spoke to me. Mother was very excited after knowing the whole matter. Because AR Rahman is the music director of this film.” But changing the melody or lyrics of the song is not allowed. In Anirban’s words, “Ma wanted to hear the final version of the song from them. I knew then that the film will be released in six months. Two years passed later. The song was also not heard by him anymore.” Kalyani Kazi passed away last May. Remembering that, Anirban said, “We also forget about it after that.” But what I am seeing now is difficult to accept.”

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Anindita said that the contract is with her grandfather Anirban. Apart from Anirban, are the rest of the family aware of the use of this song? Anirban told Anandabazar Online, “Everyone knows. I have also given the contract to my brother Arindam. What can I do if I lie!” Anirban’s claim was that everyone in the family knew about it because it was a large-scale job. So the demand to make the contract public now does not make sense to him. But did Anindita get a copy of the contract? Anirban said, “I know, mother told him about it. So does Anindita want to say that she had no contact with her mother for the past two years? Now what is the meaning of all these absurd words, I don’t know.”

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This controversy has caused a storm in the cultural circles of Bangladesh. However, Anirban wanted to remind that ‘mistakes’ had happened before with the creation of Nazrul. The song ‘Bulbuli’ was created based on Nazrul’s poem at the ‘Coke Studio’ event in Bangladesh last year. Anirban said, “Even then, the makers added two lines at the end of the song. That is not written by grandfather!

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