Chalpadi’s digital learning materials for children of factory workers

Chalpadi’s digital learning materials for children of factory workers
Chalpadi’s digital learning materials for children of factory workers

Educational online platform ‘Chalpadi’ has launched a specialized program to ensure quality education for the children of workers working in various industrial factories of the country. Called ‘Chalpadi Learning Unlocked for Employees’ or CLUE, the factory owners will be able to distribute low-cost Chalpadi digital learning materials to workers for their children.

This program, which was launched last October, can be used by any company in any industry in the country as part of their CSR initiatives.

Chalpadi will provide digital learning materials and training to institutions employing a large number of workers under the CLUE program to eradicate poverty through systemic change in education. And through this, the workers working in that institution can use quality educational materials for their children at low cost.
Sasha Garments Limited has already participated in Chalpadi’s CLUE program as the first user. More than a thousand employees depend on Sasha Garment Cubes, Dr. Owen manufactures garments for various Scandinavian brands such as denim. Shams Mahmood, Director of Sasha Garments Limited and MD of Sasha Denims Limited, said, ‘Today’s world is changing very fast. We want the children of our employees to have a different, better life in the future by availing better facilities.’

Regarding the CLUE program, Chalpadi’s founder and MD Jerin Mahmud Hossain said, “Bangladesh’s position is 105 out of 132 countries in this year’s Global Innovation Index. We are above India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in South Asia. I think, just by looking at this list, one can understand the need to transform from an unskilled labor dependent economy to a skilled labor dependent economy. And this work can be done only through systematic changes in the education sector. Only then will our future generations be able to adapt to the changing demands of the global economy, keeping pace with further technological innovations, including artificial intelligence.’


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