The price list is not updated in the market, the quarrel between buyers and sellers is regular

The price list is not updated in the market, the quarrel between buyers and sellers is regular
The price list is not updated in the market, the quarrel between buyers and sellers is regular

Sundarganj town market. Photo: Today’s NewspaperThe price list of essential agricultural products is not being updated regularly in Sundarganj of Gaibandha. Because of that, the buyers are being cheated by not getting the product at a fair price. Not only that, the buyers and sellers are constantly getting confused about the price list of agricultural products that was posted about two months ago.

According to upazila administration sources, the Ministry of Agriculture has ordered to put up the price list in the bazaars to control the rising prices of goods in the market. And this responsibility will be fulfilled by the concerned district agricultural marketing directorate. In light of this, a price list of daily essential agricultural products was put up in Sundarganj town market about a month or two ago. The price of 25 types of agricultural products has been fixed in this list. But since then no price information has been revised.

On the surface, it can be seen that there is a huge discrepancy between the current market price of agricultural products in Sundarganj and the price list of agricultural products given by the District Agriculture Marketing Department.

The buyer who came to the market from Bamanjal village of Dahband union. Today’s newspaper spoke to Rabiul Islam. He said, ‘I bought 1 kg of potatoes, 1 kg of onions, 500 grams of garlic, 250 grams of ginger and 250 grams of green chillies. After seeing the list, I gave the money, and the shopkeeper got angry with me. There was a debate about this. Later I came to know that this list was posted about a month or two ago. That’s why it’s a big mistake.’

Municipal market raw material trader. Biplab Mia told Ajker Patrika, ‘In today’s morning market, local onion has been bought at wholesale price of Tk 110 per kg. And the wholesale prices of daily essential agricultural products are given at 70 to 75 taka. Imported onion wholesale is bought at 100 taka per kg. The price list is 51 to 54 taka. In this way, the price given in the list has no match with the market price.’

He also said, ‘Not every day, the price of goods is changing hourly. And the office people have hung this list about a month or two ago. The list has not been revised since then. The list was not in line with the market on the day it was posted. There will be problems.’

Majumdar variety store employee Md. With Habibur Islam. He said, ‘We are retailing at 42 taka per kg of open flour. And the price list of daily essential agricultural products of the Department of Agriculture Marketing has given 45 Tk. Selling open soybeans for 160 taka per kg. 156 is given in the list. I am selling farm eggs for 38 rupees per half. And the price list is 48 taka.

Tried to update the hanging list board about two months ago. Photo: Today’s NewspaperHe also said, ‘They have hung the list, that is a good thing. But it needed to be monitored regularly. Failure to do so has created a ghostly situation in the market with product prices. In this situation, it is better not to put the list in the market.

Municipal tax collector is responsible for updating the list regularly. Moklechur Rahman. He said, ‘I have not been given any information in this regard from the district marketing office. They were supposed to send me the revised price list. Only then will I update this list.’

However, District Agricultural Marketing Officer Shah Md said differently about this. Moazzem Hossain. He told today’s newspaper, ‘The responsibility of updating the list regularly was the collector of the municipality. Moklechur Rahman. He did not fulfill his duty. The revised price list has been sent to him. This is because he didn’t do it.’

He said, ‘I went yesterday Saturday. I also tried to correct the price list. But there (price list) ink does not rise. Couldn’t update because of that. I have also spoken to Mr. UNO about the matter.’

The official also assured to take quick action to solve this problem.

Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) admitted that the list was not updated. Tariqul Islam told Ajker newspaper, ‘Yesterday Saturday, I saw the issue while monitoring the market. The District Agriculture Marketing Department has been asked to take quick action in this regard.

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