What Are The Dangerous Signs Of Pneumonia Here Are Some Details You Should Know

What Are The Dangerous Signs Of Pneumonia Here Are Some Details You Should Know
What Are The Dangerous Signs Of Pneumonia Here Are Some Details You Should Know

Pneumonia: Today, November 12, is World Pneumonia Day. Pneumonia Day was first observed on November 12, 2009. This trend has continued ever since. Pneumonia is a respiratory infection. Many people have this problem these days. If someone’s immunity system (Immunity System) i.e. immune system is a little weak and has a tendency to catch cold during the change of season or cold and cough easily, then there is a possibility of pneumonia infection due to accumulation of phlegm in the chest. When the air sacs in someone’s lungs fill with fluid and cause difficulty breathing, the person is said to have pneumonia. In most cases mild pneumonia is observed. As such, symptoms are not specific. Common cold, cold-cough-fever are what everyone thinks. But it doesn’t take long for pneumonia to go from mild to serious or complicated. Initially, simple medicine can be done at home, but if the problem increases, the complications can go far. So it is necessary to be careful in the beginning. A doctor’s advice should be taken even if the slightest problem is understood.

As the pneumonia infection starts to increase, so does the fever. Body temperature practically rises by leaps and bounds. Fever can rise up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. A dry cough can start with a severe cough. Yellow, green colored phlegm may come out. Cough can also cause blood. All these symptoms indicate that one is suffering from pneumonia and needs immediate treatment. Complications may increase if not treated properly at the beginning. Shortness of breath can start in the blink of an eye and escalate within moments. Therefore, it is necessary to always give importance to bad health without neglecting it. Sometimes chest pain problems can occur along with the mentioned symptoms. These symptoms are cause for concern. Many people may think that they are experiencing chest pain due to difficulty in breathing, but this is not true. In this case, the cause of chest pain is increased accumulation of phlegm. Severe pain may be felt in the chest. The chest pain increases as you try to breathe harder. And in all this the problem of cough can increase drastically. If any of these problems are noticed, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. Negligence is likely to backfire.

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