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In ten days, the remittance came to 79 million 44 million dollars


Banks have announced additional incentives amid the dollar crisis. In this, the expatriate income has started to increase slightly. In the first 10 days of this November, expatriates staying in different countries sent remittances worth 794.4 million dollars.

This information is known from the latest updated report published by Bangladesh Bank.

According to the data, expatriates sent the most remittances through private commercial banks in 10 days. Expatriates have sent remittances worth 723.2 million dollars through private banks. Which is 91.04 percent of the total remittances sent in 10 days.

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During this period, expatriates sent remittances worth 49.4 million dollars through state-owned banks. In the last 10 days, 1 crore 95 million dollars have been remitted through two specialized banks. And through the foreign commercial banks operating in the country, remittances equal to 2.4 million dollars came at the same time.


At present, one US dollar is 110 taka 50 paisa in the expatriate income bank. The government gives two and a half percent incentive on this. Now one dollar is getting 13 taka 26 paisa a little more. Now with this the banks will give another 2.5 percent increase in price. As a result, one dollar of remittance is a little more than 116 rupees.

In addition, total remittances in the financial year ended 2022-23 were 2 thousand 161 crore 7 lakh dollars. In the previous financial year 2021-2022, the total remittance came to 2 thousand 103 crore 17 lakh US dollars. Earlier, the highest remittance was collected in the financial year 2020-21. The amount of which was 2 thousand 477 billion 77 million US dollars.



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