Daily Manobkantha:: Remittances reached 79 crore dollars in 10 days: Daily Manobkantha


The country’s remittance wheel has started again. In the first 10 days of this November, remittances have reached 794 million dollars. According to this, daily remittances came on an average of 79.4 million dollars.

This information is known from the update of Bangladesh Bank on Sunday (November 12).

Among the remittances sent by expatriates, 723.2 million 60 thousand dollars came through private banks. Apart from this, 4 crore 92 lakh 40 thousand dollars came through state banks, 1 crore 94 lakh 50 thousand dollars through specialized banks and 24 lakh 50 thousand dollars through foreign sector banks.

Earlier, expatriates sent remittances of USD 781.2 million in the first 13 days of October and USD 739.9 million in the 15 days of September.

Meanwhile, last month (October) remittances to the country reached 197 crore 75 lakh 60 thousand US dollars. Apart from this, 134 crore 43 lakh 50 thousand US dollars came in September, 159 crore 94 lakh 50 thousand US dollars in August and 197 crore 31 lakh 50 thousand US dollars came in July.

It is to be noted that since October 22, Bangladesh Bank has implemented instructions to pay expatriates an additional two and a half percent more with an incentive for every 100 taka of remittance of expatriate income to the country through the bank through legal channels. As a result, the country’s remittance wheel is moving again.

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