Tomato Price | Bardhaman witnesses hike in Tomato prices again dgtld

Tomato Price | Bardhaman witnesses hike in Tomato prices again dgtld
Tomato Price | Bardhaman witnesses hike in Tomato prices again dgtld

The price was falling a bit. But in the atmosphere of puja, tomatoes are again in a mercurial mood. The price per kg is now around 100. On the day of Kalipuja, the prices of not only tomatoes but also other vegetables went up on Sunday. The price of tomato is not the same as that of onion, but the middle class people who go to the market are crying after hearing the price.

Even then, the life of the common middle class is lost due to the push of the market. Durga Puja is followed by Lakshmi Puja. This time Kali Puja. Like the Cricket World Cup, the Pooja round robin tournament is going on. A group of unscrupulous businessmen are also getting angry. In the last two days, the prices have increased from onions to cabbage, from vegetables to tomatoes. The price of each cauliflower on Saturday was 20 taka, on Sunday the price was 50 taka! Garlic is now Tk 200 per kg, potal is Tk 60 per kg. And onion was 60, now 70 per kg.

Last August, the fire price was tomato. Most tomatoes are grown in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Most of the tomatoes from these states are shipped to different places. But now it’s winter ‘come-come’ time! Generally, the price of vegetables in the market starts to decrease at this time. But this year the character of the market is different. All calculations are going in the opposite direction. Traders say that the price depends on the import in the market. The import of all vegetables including tomatoes is very low this time. That’s why the price has increased. In the words of Uttam Dutta, a retail trader, “The prices of all vegetables including tomatoes and onions have increased in the market. As the customer is having problems, our business is also going down. Sales in the market have decreased completely.” The price of brinjal was Tk 30 per kg. He is now on the threshold of half century. How will the family run!

From Nilpur in Burdwan to Station Bazar or Birhata Bazar – the prices are almost the same everywhere. Prices have increased but the government has no control. Allegedly, earlier the task force people used to go around the market. But now the buyers are complaining that there is no problem with it.

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