China was trapped like Hamas? Fearing Beijing’s shadow, Taiwan pulled India

China was trapped like Hamas? Fearing Beijing’s shadow, Taiwan pulled India
China was trapped like Hamas? Fearing Beijing’s shadow, Taiwan pulled India

.. First Calcutta.

China will not find a way to escape like Hamas? Taiwan broke China’s backbone? Which brahmastra was secretly handed over to India in Taipei? Indians in Qatar, why are they rushing to Taiwan? What treasures are found in the soil of Taiwan? After Israel, Taiwan beat India. Do you know? How will the wood be dried in Beijing? China’s shadow in Taiwan? Afraid of getting old? One lakh life set, India got the moon overnight. India blew up China. India has shown how close the island nation is to Taiwan. Taip now has the best weapon. The foundation will shake. It gave India a big chance. Did the lottery really get 1 million Indians? Sonay Sohaga is the same. Bloomberg reports that Taiwan is looking to hire at least 100,000 Indian workers in various sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, health services.

India to sign employment agreement with Taiwan by December That discussion is at the very last stage. But why will Taiwan take so many workers from India? big question Find out what’s going on inside the island nation. Currently, Taiwan is going through a population problem. Taiwan’s rapid population growth has slowed due to birth control policies. As a result, the number of young workers is decreasing there. The number of older, older generations has increased. The situation is so bad that Taiwan is expected to become an ‘ultra-aging’ society by 2025. This title is given when older people make up more than one-fifth of a country’s total population.

And here is the fear of Taiwan. Because China has to face financial loss due to this same problem. The aging Chinese labor force is similarly affected. So Taiwan is going to choose India this time. A group of experts believe that this may increase Taiwan’s geopolitical tensions with China. Because Beijing claims Taiwan as its own territory. Meanwhile, Taiwan claims to be a self-governing island. In such a situation, China will be under pressure for any formal agreement between Taiwan and India.

Notably, the unemployment rate in Taiwan has fallen to its lowest level since 2000. The economy there is about 790 billion US dollars. Taiwan can now take the help of Indian workers to keep it running. And if there is an agreement with Taiwan, it will be a big benefit for India as well. Indian workers will get paid at the same rate as locals and also get protections like insurance. Once Israel, once Taiwan. Indian workers are getting job opportunities in different countries. Which is definitely a golden opportunity for India.

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