Bashemurbiprobi students went on hunger strike for security, human chain

Bashemurbiprobi students went on hunger strike for security, human chain
Bashemurbiprobi students went on hunger strike for security, human chain

In Gopalganj Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (Bashemurbiprobi) entered the residential hall and sat on hunger strike to protest the beating and to ask for the safety of life. Sajjad Hossain. He started his hunger strike from 7:30 pm on Saturday. Later in the late night, when the university administration assured justice, he returned when the hunger strike was broken.

Meanwhile, on Sunday (November 12) at noon, students held a human chain program in the university campus to protest the attack on Sajjad Hossain, a student of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department and to demand exemplary punishment of the accused through fair trial.

The accused are Roni Mridha, a fourth-year student of the pharmacy department of the same university, and his associates. The university administration has formed an investigation committee in this incident.

According to university sources, a friendly football match was held between the Department of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience and the Department of Pharmacy on November 5. During this time, there was an argument between the players of the two divisions and at one point a fight took place. Based on this incident, Roni Mridha, a fourth year student of Pharmacy Department, went to room 604 of Sheikh Russell Hall with his 10-12 colleagues and asked the students of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department. They took Zahid Hossain out of the room and took him to room number 508 and beat him.

Then on November 6, Roni Mridha again went to Sheikh Russell Hall. Entering room number 303, Sajjad first asked the names of two or three other students of his department to know where they were. At one point, Mridha took away Sajjad’s mobile phone and beat him with an iron pipe. When Sajjad hit his head with a knife, when he tried to stop it with his hand, the knife hit him in the corner of his left eye. Later, Sajjad was admitted to Gopalganj 250-bed general hospital. Sajjad filed a written complaint with the university administration seeking justice and his own safety. Sajjad was once again enraged and threatened on Saturday afternoon.

Sajjad sat on hunger strike at the front gate of the Vice-Chancellor’s residence at around 7:30 pm on Saturday because no action was taken in this incident. The Proctorial Body and the Provost of Sheikh Russell Hall went there around 11:30 PM. When they promised justice and security to Sajjad, Sajjad returned when his hunger strike was broken at around 12:30 pm.

During the hunger strike, am I the next Fahad of Abrar? And how much injustice? If I die, would the administration shake? Is the factory of terrorists bashemurbiprobi? Attempts have been made to kill me. I want trial for the attempt to kill me. I want justice for the attack. Sajjad displayed various placards saying I want to live, let live.

Meanwhile, in that incident on November 6, the dean of the political science department of the university said. A 7-member investigation committee was formed headed by Hasibur Rahman. The Inquiry Committee issues notices to both parties for enquiry. The inquiry committee was asked to submit the inquiry report on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the students organized a human chain in the university campus to protest the attack on Sajjad, a student of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience. In the afternoon, the students held an hour-long program in front of the academic building of the university under the initiative of the Rangpur divisional student organization. Fisheries and Marine Bioscience students participated in it.

The victim Sajjad said that Roni Mridha is a student of this university but does not live in the hall. He came to the hall and beat Zahid Hossain. He beat me the next day at noon. We complained, but the authorities did nothing immediately. The investigation committee did. To investigate but who will take responsibility if he kills me in the meantime? Who will provide my security? They brought people from outside and beat me, threatened to kill me. We have repeatedly asked to see the CCTV footage of that day, but the university authorities say that the CCTV footage has disappeared since the 6th. It is a mysterious event. It is clearly visible in the CCTV camera that he threatened me today. I am going to be the second Abrar.

Sheikh Russell Hall Provost Emdadul Haque said, “We took Sajjad to the hospital immediately after learning about the incident. Tell him about overall security. An unexpected event has occurred. On that day, we warned the security personnel of the university that Roni Mridha should not enter the Sheikh Russell Hall. I don’t know how he entered the hall yesterday. It has some weakness of security personnel.

In this regard, University Proctor said. Kamruzzaman said, I have made an investigation committee in the previous incident. I learned that Roni Mridha entered the Sheikh Russell Hall yesterday and threatened the two victim students.

He also said, today I am sitting with the investigation committee. The recommendations of the Inquiry Committee will be communicated to the Disciplinary Committee. It will be resolved very soon. Whoever is guilty must be punished.

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