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Tiger 3 Review | Review of salman khan and katrina kaif starrer Tiger 3 dgtl

Tiger 3 Review | Review of salman khan and katrina kaif starrer Tiger 3 dgtl
Tiger 3 Review | Review of salman khan and katrina kaif starrer Tiger 3 dgtl

A man was sitting idly watching something on his mobile phone. Samalan taught him to break through the small screen by beating him. Because, he will show live action on the big screen! It is understood that Bollywood is rushing to bring the audience to the hall in the OTT mode. Pleading, begging, plead with folded hands — all done. This time, it seems that the only thing left to do is to threaten the audience. Superstars will drag if forced? No problem. But something new must be shown! Tiger fell back there.

Katrina Kaif in ‘Tiger 3’. Photo: Collected.

The film begins with Jowar (Katrina Kaif) being a teenager. The story of how he became an ISI agent in Pakistan is known. After that the story moves forward several decades. The story continues to travel to various cities like London, Delhi, Islamabad, Vienna, St. Petersburg. Just when Tiger and Zoya’s story gets a bit of audience curiosity, all the suspense is over. And then putting the whole thing into a known formula. Scene after scene of grueling action, flashy mayhem sequences and a lot of emphasis on the audience’s ‘suspension of disbelief’, Tiger runs.

The universe of superheroes has been shown by Hollywood long ago. It took a long time to learn how to create a Bollywood spy universe by watching ‘Marvel’ or ‘DC’. Maybe that’s why Hollywood Spy movies have come a long way. For which Bond also learns to fall in love leaving only action and sex. The makers are also trying to experiment a bit with the screenplay (how successful it is, of course, is debatable). But Bollywood is still learning to do only action with mind. So no one has any headache about the story. All the effort is put behind it so that the audience gets to see the best action scenes. ‘Tiger’ is a very successful franchise. Action has always dominated there. But there was love, betrayal, tension, suspense. Most importantly, this franchise had a ‘swag’ of its own. All that is not in ‘Tiger 3’. There is the well-known formula of ‘sending’. The story will progress in the same way, the story will turn in the same way, the film will break in the same way – all familiar. Only the action is more intense, the edge is more.

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Just as the success of ‘Pathan’ has reduced the roar of ‘Tiger’, again ‘Pathan’ has come to save ‘Tiger’. Shahrukh Khan’s cameo in the film seems to be known by the well frogs. Shahrukh came, slayed, ‘Jhume Yo Pathan’ was, the comedy was, his enviable hair fluttered in the wind and he promised Salman, ‘Jab Tak Main Hoon, Tiger Zinda Rahega’. And that was it. The moment the story was hanging, the moment the city read the most, was swept away by the applause and the glimpse that this film too could enter the billion club. Sadly, the makers didn’t believe that Tiger’s ‘swag’ alone could do it. So Shahrukh had to say, ‘mayy hun na’. But the added bonus is the bromance of the two on the big screen. In one sentence, ‘So Beautiful, So Elegant, Just Looking Like A Wow’!

The previous two films of ‘Tiger’ were directed by Kabir Khan (Ek Tha Tiger) and Ali Abbas Zafar (Tiger Zinda Hai). Manish Sharma did this time. If someone else had done it, the picture would have been like this. Because, whoever the director is, the formula is the same. Even, how many songs there will be in the film, where they will be there, why they will be there – everything is known. Rather, this franchise had previously given popular songs like ‘Mashallah’ or ‘Swag Se Swagat’. This time, the long awaited Salman Khan-Arijit Singh duo ‘Leke Prabhu Ka Naam’ also faded. But one thing must be said, the film’s action scenes are perfect for enjoying while munching on popcorn. The director did not leave any error in that regard. Neither did Salman-Katrina. There is nothing special to say about their performances. But Bhaijaan and Bhabhi’s devotion to action is worth seeing. Revathi, Ranbir Shorey and Riddhi Dogra were not used properly in the film. But Emraan Hashmi is not bad as a villain. The screenwriter, however, did not want to work too hard on his revenge story. In ‘Pathan’, John Abraham’s character’s story has been continued in this and that direction.

Salman and Katrina in a scene from ‘Tiger 3’. Photo: Collected.

The familiar formula doesn’t look bad on a festive day. Bhaijaan’s hit list has been empty for many days. So this time he didn’t want to take any risk. There was also a taste of comedy as Shah Rukh came in amidst the mayhem. There are also some sayings like ‘May Diwali Patako Se Nehi, Mun Mitha Karke Manata Hoon’. As there is known enemy Pakistan, so too is Tiger’s duty towards ‘father-in-law’ Pakistan. However, it did not affect their own patriotism. The national anthem is rarely played before the start of a film these days. Tiger kept that in mind and performed his duties in the middle of the film. Everything is done. But what feels good in this Diwali, it will be good in the next Diwali too? Just follow the formula for how many days? As soon as Shah Rukh’s sequence ended, a teenager sitting next to him said impatiently, ‘When will Hrithik come’? Bollywood should also think a little differently this time instead of making films according to the template.

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