Illegal Gold Traders | How gold trafficking was its’ highest pick in Bengal during Dhanteras dgtld

Illegal Gold Traders | How gold trafficking was its’ highest pick in Bengal during Dhanteras dgtld
Illegal Gold Traders | How gold trafficking was its’ highest pick in Bengal during Dhanteras dgtld

Week two that was pushed! Sundays are just a time to catch up. There was a lot of trouble in sending the ‘order goods’. Somewhere with experience, hands and Munsiana, the ‘goods’ have reached the right place on the top of the barbed wire. Somewhere it was not possible to avoid the sharp gaze of border guards and police. Millions of rupees worth of ‘yellow metal’ has been stolen. Now is the time to judge ‘success’ and ‘failure’. The calculation of how much profit went into the pocket by summing up the financial profit and loss is going on. During Dhanteras, when jewelery shops are overflowing with crowds, they are not less busy. They are gold smugglers!

They smuggled a record amount of gold through the Nadia-Murshidabad border this time compared to last time. According to intelligence sources, this time 22 kg raw gold entered India through the border on Dhanteras. Which is 7 kg more than last time. In the last two years, since there was not much difference in the price of gold in the Bangladesh and international markets, the ‘business’ was not that way for the traders. In total, ‘only’ 10 kg gold was ‘traded’ in two weeks of Dhanteras. So, this time, even if the mission is not successful, these smugglers have made a huge profit.

How do they work?

Gold is smuggled across the barbed wire border of India-Bangladesh international border to the market of this country. Some traders run a big cycle of selling gold from Vietnam and Myanmar at relatively high prices in the Bengal market. Their busyness increases several times in Dhanteras. Every year there is an increased demand on this day in India. Therefore, the attempt to smuggle is strong. Arriving with gold avoiding the surveillance of BSF and State Customs is now very risky. However, there is no shortage of effort.

“Ten years ago, all this was not bad. The work was very ‘smooth’.” This is the claim of an old illegal gold trader. However, Naveen Karbari dismissed the claims of Praveen. The Bangladeshi, who has just got involved in gold smuggling, said with a look of disdain, “As the surveillance increased, so did the business.” Dhandevta did not disappoint them this time.

The businessmen of this country were not disappointed. They made huge profits by delivering the stolen metal from the border to the gold shops in the city or Mafsal. The smile of the gold smugglers has widened on Dhanteras. According to a source in Bangladesh, the price of 24 carat pure gold arriving there illegally is 3 to 3 lakh twenty thousand taka per 100 grams. Gold worth more than six lakh rupees in the Indian market. So, the stakes and risks are a little higher. If you manage to guard the border and dodge the eyes of the customs office, the profit is several lakhs of rupees. But, if caught? The ‘businessmen’ are laughing and saying, “Profit and loss are part of business. If there is a loss, then the business cannot be given away. Rather, a new ‘plan’ has to be drawn up.

Statistics show that more than 3 kg of gold has been seized by BSF in the last one week. About 600 grams of gold have been seized by the customs department. Three people were arrested.

In the words of Hundi Hamidul, one of the gold dealers in Mujibnagar, Bangladesh, “This time, the gold of Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Myanmar has been found in the Dhanteras market at the rate of 30 to 32 thousand taka per 10 grams.” I sold that gold. Even though several were caught, the profit was good except for all the losses.”

Subir Saha (name changed) of Ranaghat in Nadia, one of the traders associated with India’s illegal gold trade, said, “There was a lot of demand for Bangladeshi gold this time as the price of gold was very high. It is very difficult to get gold through BSF, customs. However, business has been good this time.

The Bengal Goldsmiths’ Association has claimed that the central government has increased the import duty and GST rates on gold. As a result, the price of gold in the market has increased a lot. Due to which there is a huge difference between the price of gold in the black market and the legitimate market. Some of the jewelers are trying to buy gold from those smugglers out of greed. On the other hand, gold traffickers are encouraged by the demand. And using that opportunity, gold is being smuggled into India.

Gold is smuggled into Bangladesh from Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and South Africa. ‘Hundis’ are involved in this transaction. According to information received from a source of Bangladesh Police, 32 gold smuggling rackets are currently active in that country. The stolen gold reaches Jessore’s smuggling syndicates from Dhaka. After that they reach India through the border area with the help of ‘carriers’. Those ‘carriers’ get 3 to 5 thousand taka for one time smuggling.

The administration is aware of this increase in gold smuggling. Arrest is going on. BSF South Bengal Frontier DIG (Public Relations) AK Arya said, “A person has been arrested with about 1 kg of gold in the last two days. Several incidents of gold recovery have taken place in two weeks. And in the words of Superintendent Anand Roy of Jangipur Police District, “The District Police always keeps a watchful eye against gold smuggling.” However, in all cases the carriers were arrested. This time I am conducting an operation with the aim of arresting the main pandas of the gang. I hope it will be successful.

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