Lebanon will end up like Gaza: Israel

Lebanon will end up like Gaza: Israel
Lebanon will end up like Gaza: Israel

Former US President Donald Trump praised the role of Lebanon-based armed group Hezbollah and Iran in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. He said, ‘They are very smart and very cunning. They are leading the Gaza war.’

He said these things in an interview to the Spanish media Univision on Friday (November 10). He commented, ‘The war that is going on should probably end because so many people are dying.

He said that despite the demands of the Gazans and the calls of the international community, the Israeli forces are not stopping their attacks. And the US government and administration has been providing all kinds of support to the Zionist country in this massacre, including weapons and financial support.

Regarding Iran’s role in the Gaza war, he said, ‘If I were the president, this war would never have started because of the strict Iranian policy. Because Iran has no money. Yet they are leading this war. They are very cunning. Super smart.’

He also said that apart from war leadership, Iran is also doing well in shaping global public opinion. In this regard, Israel is lagging behind. They also need to get better at shaping public opinion.

Earlier, within days of the start of last month’s conflict, Trump praised the Iran-backed Lebanon-based armed group Hezbollah as ‘very smart’.

Besides, he satirized the Zionist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is at war with Hamas.

In another event on the same day, Trump praised Hezbollah, saying the group is “very smart”.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah got involved in the conflict a day after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. Since then, the group has been carrying out regular attacks on Israel.

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