Five recommendations of the Prime Minister to stop the war in Palestine

Five recommendations of the Prime Minister to stop the war in Palestine
Five recommendations of the Prime Minister to stop the war in Palestine

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has presented five recommendations to stop Israel’s barbaric aggression in the besieged Gaza Strip.

He made these suggestions in a pre-recorded broadcast speech at the 8th Special Islamic Summit. This summit started in Riyadh from November 9.

The summit was convened at the invitation of Saudi Arabia to discuss Israel’s brutal and unprecedented aggression against the Palestinian people.

In his recommendations, the Prime Minister first called for an immediate ‘ceasefire’ to stop the heinous one-sided war waged by Israel against Palestine. He said this war is unjust and is a blatant violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. He remarked that Gaza has been burning for more than a month and is still burning.

“Israel is carrying out a merciless rampage without respite, bombing hospitals and civilian infrastructure and killing thousands of Palestinians, most of them women and children,” he said.

In his second recommendation, the prime minister said there is an immediate need to open a humanitarian corridor for the continuous, rapid and safe supply of food, water, medicine and other life-saving supplies to residents trapped in the devastated Gaza.

He said, at a time when thousands of people have been killed by the incessant Israeli bombardment, it seems that we, the international community, are paralyzed by the sight of death and destruction. “At least we need to act fast for a safe humanitarian corridor,” he said.

In the third recommendation, Sheikh Hasina said, Israel has created an atmosphere of terror by killing innocent civilians and evacuating areas in barbaric ways. Such heinous acts should be punished so that those who have homes in Gaza, can once again live a peaceful life in their own country.

Fourthly, he said, ‘we must revisit the decisions agreed upon by the United Nations, the Arab Peace Initiative and the Quartet Roadmap and take steps to resolve them quickly, which will bring lasting peace among the peoples of the region.’

As a fifth suggestion, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the Muslim Ummah to unite on this important issue of Palestine. They are our brothers and sisters who have been denied their right to self-determination and their own motherland for the past 55 years, he said.

The prime minister said, ‘It is time that we all stand together and help them realize their just demands.’

He said, ‘We want any problem to be solved peacefully. My appeal to all – stop the war, stop the arms race. Let every country regain its sovereignty and right to live in peace. In this lies the welfare of mankind.’

The prime minister reiterated Bangladesh’s support for a Palestinian state, saying, ‘Bangladesh supports and stands by the right of our Palestinian brothers and sisters to self-determination, sovereignty and independence based on the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.’

Describing Gaza as the most overcrowded open prison in the world, he said, it was the Palestinians who once sheltered the oppressed Jewish people in their difficult days. Now they are ruthlessly destroying the homes, hopes and families of their patrons!

The Prime Minister expressed deep gratitude to Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud for organizing the summit. He also hoped that the meeting would serve as a strong platform for Israel to stop its brutal attacks on defenseless Palestinians.

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