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Who is the heroine between the two young men in the car?

Who is the heroine between the two young men in the car?
Who is the heroine between the two young men in the car?

Now the festival is going on in Bollywood. From Khans to Kapoors – everyone is celebrating Diwali. From ‘Mannat’ to Karan Johar’s house – everyone is in party mood now. And the paparazzi are witnessing all the hundreds of incidents that are happening behind the scenes of this party.

For example, a famous Bollywood producer had a Diwali party at his home. All the big stars of Bollywood were present there. But there are some scenes caught on paparazzi’s camera in a car that may raise questions in your mind.

As the night falls, a mysterious figure appears at the party wearing a dusky blue salwar, clutching the laps of two men. Paparazzi car near the car to another case! The mysterious man hid his face. The paparazzi kept trying. If once his identity is found.

Sridevi’s daughter Khushi Kapoor was sitting next to her. Even though he did not cover his face, the identity of the mysterious person sitting next to him remains a mystery. After posting the video on social media, ‘Nana Muni Nana Mat’. Many people think that the mysterious Shehnaz Gill.

According to some, Shehnaz is not, he is a starkid. Be that as it may, the discussion does not stop. Why he did not agree to identify himself, that question is now on everyone’s lips.

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