300 years old Madhuganjeshwari Kali Puja in Bogra today

300 years old Madhuganjeshwari Kali Puja in Bogra today
300 years old Madhuganjeshwari Kali Puja in Bogra today

Traditional Madhuganjeshwari Kali Puja is being held in Sadulapur village of Shibganj upazila of Bogra like every year this year also on the new moon of the month of Kartik.

This puja is being held in Sadullapur village of the upazila on Sunday (November 12).

According to local Hindu community, this Kali Puja is about three hundred years old. This puja of the upazila is traditional and one of the Kali Pujas of North Bengal.

In this upazila’s oldest puja, thousands of devotees from different parts of the country gather in this Kali Puja to pay their vows and get merit. Devotees or visitors from not only the country but also from the neighboring country India come for the puja darshan and offer Patha sacrifice as a vow.

A special tradition of this puja is Patha Loot – Sacrificed Patha is thrown among the looters for looting, the Patha is his only if he overcomes a certain boundary with strength. Another is Thana Lut- different kinds of prasads are arranged at the place of worship or in front of idols which are worshiped or offered which after a certain time one can take whatever prasad one likes.

Narayan Chandra Sarkar, an elderly person of Sadulyapur village and the current managing servant of Madhuganjeshwari Kali Mata Mandir said, I have been watching this puja since the time of my grandfather and I know that about three hundred years ago a man named Madhusudan Bhaduri established this puja and according to his name Madhuganjeshwari Kali Puja was named.

Later, Madhusudan Bhaduri entrusted the then zamindar Raman Bihari Sarkar with the responsibility of worship and management and when he died, Raman Bihari Sarkar served the puja from his own funds. Late Kush Chandra Sarkar. Presently, Narayan Chandra Sarkar, the only grandson of deceased Raman Bihari Sarkar, has been managing this puja for almost a century as the managing service of this puja.

When Narayan Chandra Sarkar, serving the Puja Managing Committee, was asked about the Puja and Puja arrangements, he said, “We hope that all the preparations are almost over and we will be able to complete the Puja Utsav well.”

General Secretary of Upazila Puja Celebration Parishad, Subir Datta said, today the traditional Madhuganjeshwari Kali Puja will be held in Sadullapur of the upazila. The blockade of BNP-Jamaat should be lifted and the roads should be repaired for the puja to be held properly. Every year 30-40 thousand devotees and worshipers come to this puja. He sought the cooperation of the upazila administration, police administration and everyone in the area.

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