Increase control over commodity prices

Increase control over commodity prices
Increase control over commodity prices

Market regulation is becoming more unusual by the day. The price of goods has increased a lot in just a few days using various excuses. Consumers held hostage by some unscrupulous gangs. But now is the winter season. There are many fresh vegetables in season. However, the price of raw materials has skyrocketed. The common people of low income have suffered.

Unscrupulous traders are raising the prices of potatoes, onions and eggs day by day despite the government fixing the prices. Everything seems unbridled. Everyone is selling raw materials by increasing the price. But a month and a half ago, the government fixed the prices of potatoes, onions and eggs. Once a month in different markets are monitored by the administration, but the rest of the days are selling goods at higher prices from the buyers at their own convenience. Some traders are fined for selling at higher prices, but after a while, they increase the price of goods on the pretext of paying fines again. At present, the price of potato is Tk 55-60 and onion is Tk 130-140 per kg. A week ago, potato was 45-50 taka and onion was 90-100 taka. Which is almost twice the fixed price.

When the traders were asked about the increase in the price of goods, they gave various excuses. He spoke about recent strikes, blockades, crises and the high prices of Aartadars.

The price set by the government is – 35 taka per kg potato and 65 taka per kg onion. Already, the Deputy Commissioner is campaigning in the media to buy and sell the market goods according to the price announced by the government through various means. Various levels of officials including upazila executive officers are monitoring the market 1-2 times a month. But by no means is the market price normalizing. Consumers are forced to buy things at higher prices. The unscrupulous gang does not accept such messages from the government and administration. Complaints of the buyers are that if the price of the product increases, the regulatory agencies cannot reduce the price of the product in any way. Market prices have been rising for days but watchdogs are not seeing much.

Some conspirators are trying to gain political advantage against the government by increasing the market. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the supervision of the administration and increase public awareness. It is necessary to protest without becoming a hostage to businessmen. Presenting fixed prices to traders without buying things at higher prices. It is possible to control the price of goods only if the monitoring of the administration is strengthened and public awareness is increased.

GBM Rubel Ahmed

Columnist and cultural activist

Motherganj, Jamalpur

New Century/SA

The article is in Bengali

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