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As I hurried towards Tulsia Bill, I forgot to think about the birds along the Gobra River. Even after photographing the sparrows of Bhutan the following year, the thought of matching them with tamarinds did not cross my mind.

Maybe because the name of the sparrow is not in the bird list of this country, the matter did not come to mind. However, about three years after this, sparrows came into view when I opened the tamarind folder while doing a bird identification. After a couple of hours of various tests, excitement and discussions with ornithologists, the mind was filled with joy to add a new bird to the bird list of the country. It was proved that the sparrows taken in Tantulia and Bhutan were of the same species. Along with that, the country’s sparrow species increased from two to three.

Russet/Cinnamon or Cinnamon Tree Sparrow is the sparrow found at Akkhet in Tantulia and on the banks of the Wangchu River in Bhutan. It has no Bengali name. However, considering the color of the feathers, English and scientific name meaning, it can be called cinnamon or rust sparrow. The scientific name of the sparrows of the family Passeridae Passer cinnamomeus. They spread through the mountainous regions of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bhutan to China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, North Korea and Japan. Although inhabitant of mountain forests, it is also seen in cities-villages-gardens, open areas and around the sea. 14 to 15 cm long sparrow weighs 18 to 22.5 grams.

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