After the devastation in Gaza, it is time for partition

After the devastation in Gaza, it is time for partition
After the devastation in Gaza, it is time for partition

If the United States and other members of the UN Security Council really want to see an end to the devastation in Gaza, Israel must be forced into a cease-fire anyway. Not only a cease-fire, every Israeli tank sitting on the chest of Gaza must be withdrawn, every Israeli soldier must withdraw. There is no reason to think that Israel will easily accept this claim as either appropriate or just. But with the US holding an umbrella over his head, Israel has no power to ignore his orders.

At the root of the Middle East crisis is Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine. It is also very important to end this occupation and show clear support for the two-state policy as a precondition for lasting peace. Before explaining the process of how that goal will be achieved, providing policy support for this goal is a very basic prerequisite.

Keeping in mind that an interim administration will be needed after the war, the Biden administration is knocking on the door of Mahmoud Abbas and Egypt. I think the United Nations can be entrusted with this task. Because of the great forces, this organization has become a small Jagannath. But there is no doubt that the World Organization can play an effective role if the big powers, especially the United States, take a clear initiative in this regard. This global organization has experience in carrying out administrative duties in many war-torn regions. The United States and the United Nations must also take the lead in the question of the huge amount of money that will be needed for the reconstruction of Gaza.

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